Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend gambling

I went with a couple friends on Saturday to play poker at Foxwoods in Connecticut. We all made profit - even the guy who was learning a new game (Omaha), which as far as we can remember is a first. But what made it a great outing was that I sat at the best table ever. Everyone was talkative and friendly - basically it's what a sitcom would cast for a poker table. We had the old guy who didn't know the rules (how many cards do I use, dealer?) but still played every hand and dumped a lot of chips all around the table, a young guy from Alberta who was in charge of self-deprecating Canadian jokes (always a crowd pleaser), and my favorite, a big old guy who was constantly telling jokes and clearly didn't know that we don't call Asians "Orientals" anymore. In his defense, I'm pretty sure he's spent at least 70% of the last 20 years inside of various casinos, so he probably never got the memo.

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jamwall said...

Casino's are horrible with memos. It was security that told me that it was a faux paus to fondle old men who hang out at casinos.