Thursday, July 05, 2007

A happy 4th indeed...

Jiggs and I just got back from an excellent 4th of July BBQ, hang-out, and subsequent post-hang-out dinner.

After dinner, Jiggs, Booty and I took a trip by the 7-Eleven turned Kwik-E-Mart in Mountain View, CA, to check out the newfangled Simpson's Movie promo in all it's splendor:

Unfortunately, their promotional merchandise was out of stock (it's a genius-level marketing ploy to make advertisements and then have people pay to bring said advertisements home with them):

But there were a ton of post-firework-going folks there, and the decor was entertaining. Here's Jiggs with/emulating Comic Book Guy:

And here I am mocking Jasper for having walked into the freezer (yes, I shaved, it's scary):

I bought a Cherry Squishie for the road.

All in all, on the TastyMcJ scale of ball-rocking holidays, I give this 4th of July a score of 14 and a half balls rocked!

Happy Birthday, America, you Glorious Bastard!


slappy said...

14.5 balls rocked, huh? That's the equivalent of rocking Jiggs and Billy "11 Ball" Rodriguez simultaneously!

miss kendra said...

yay! that's a lot of ball rocking!

kwik-e-mart <3

Nick said...

You look wierd without facial hair.

jamwall said...

yeah, what's with the non-beard regiment?

shaving accident?

amera hearts said...

i cannot believe you shaved! like whoa!

and i've seen transformers twice so the simpson's movie preview is fresh in my mind! so is the jj abrams he's doing star trek. so friggin' sweet!

ps. shia labeuof....HOT for being a youngin'!

TastyMcJ said...

Yes, I saw Transformers on Monday.
It also rocked several and a half balls.

I will probably go see it again in the near future.

I think Jiggs and I are going to see Die Hard tonight.

Yeah... we had an arrested development party a few weekends ago; I went as graft-vs-host Tobias... I was creeping myself out with the moustache, so I shaved.

My intent had been to begin an immediate re-grow, but the ladies on this end keep telling me to keep shaving, so...

It's a tough call.

slappy said...

What tough call? Go with the ladies on your end.

If anyone in the blog-o-sphere wants you to grow it out, then they'll have to move to Berkeley and/or become a lady.

Lilly said...

Oh my god, the beard is gone....this is almost as bad as when Jiggs let the mullet go..... ooh what a sad day :-(

Bring back the mullet!
Bring back the beard!

Nick said...

Slappy's right.

Tits McGee said...

It's kind of like seeing you naked, Tasty.

I think I need some alone time now.

TastyMcJ said...

perhaps I'll just have to regrow a beard on half of my face to make sure everyone is happy.

That seems the most reasonable

Lilly said...

LOL @ Tits -- and I may add: I agree.

Tits McGee said...

For the record, Tasty, you'd totally be on the cutting edge.

Spinning Girl said...

This post makes me want to take my clothes off.

And then, put them back on.