Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Carpool story

I was giving a ride home to a summer student working out here, and a Doors song came on the radio. I laughed and mentioned that whenever I hear the Doors I think of the Kids in the Hall sketch about the record store employee telling some guy how to become a Doors fan. And she actually knew the exchange "Steal a car." "But I have a car." "Steal a car!"

I was impressed, until she said that her friend back home was really into KITH and made her watch it. "No one watches it," she said. I had to correct her that no one her age watches it, but it was big for people my age. I don't know why I continued, but I explained that one of the big things going for KITH was that it was coming into its own just as Saturday Night Live was starting to go downhill in 1992. She said she hadn't really watched it much back then because she was 5 years old.

So I hit the passenger ejector seat button, popped in a Gin Blossoms CD, and felt young again.

Incidentally, did anyone out there in blogland ever watch The Vacant Lot? It was a KITH knockoff that as far as I can tell was watched only by me and the actors' parents.


Nick said...

I never watched your Vacant Lot show, but I love KitH.

miss kendra said...

hahaha you said gin blossoms.

slappy said...

Nick: No one saw it. Vacant Lot was kinda like what you and your friends would make if you were trying to do KitH. It wasn't that great, but it had its moments.

Kendra: I did. I'm not ashamed.

Okay, maybe a little.

TastyMcJ said...

I never saw vacant lot.

but I remember enjoying 'The Edge' on Fox. (~1992)

That wasn't on for very long either, but it was good.

If i recall, the cast was always violently killed at the end of every episode.

And gratuitous violence is hilarious.

Nick said...

That's what they should do at the end of SNL (violently kill everyone) except fo reals.

jamwall said...

Hey jealousy!

Carl Spackler said...

that Kids In the Hall show was retarded.

Carl Spackler said...


are any of you san fran retards at the all star game?

Carl Spackler said...


i read an interesting article in the NY Times this past weekend that talked about the rugby dynasty at Cal Berkley.

i think you golden bear retards would enjoy it.

Tits McGee said...

Kids in the Hall rocked my tits.

amera hearts said...

aw...gin blossoms.....brings back a good memory!

and i'm so sorry, but kith gave me the creeps. please don't hit the ejector button on our friendship!

slappy said...

Tasty: The Edge... not familiar with it.

Nick: Everyone except Tina Fey. Maybe she can be the one killing people.

Jammer: Listen to my heart.

Carl: Your face is retarded. And yes, we dominate rugby, crew, water polo, and a bunch of other sports no one gives a shit about.

Tits: I'm sure 4/5 of the kids would enjoy that very much. Scott would probably rather rock Jiggs.

Amera: That's okay. It's an acquired taste. Like the sketch where their job is to stand with their arms submerged in a tank of dead fish. It's a little dadaist.