Thursday, June 28, 2007

Youtube Comments: Ethnic Addition!

Most comments on our youtube liquid nitrogen smash video ask us what we were on while we were filming. They never believe us when we say it was a tequila, meth colombian blue flake cocktail.

However some comments deserve special consideration, and thus we have our special youtube blog posts. Check out these especially ethnic sounding comments:

what do u mean by suck my balls ON 3:31 U DONT EVEN HAVE NONE U FUCKER PINCHI MAYATE CULERO

My response:
You should let your Spanish teacher know that you're practicing your Spanish on youtube. That might turn you into her favorite eighth grader!

the girl has more guns than you do you white cracker

My response:
Dear Mr. Nat X,

You don't need to say the redundant slur, "white cracker". Just say, "cracker". No one will think you're referring to unleavened bread.


slappy said...

White cracker is redundant, yet honky cracker adds a subtle dimension to the slur.

I'm pretty sure Kendra could take you in a fight.

jamwall said...

a "honky cracker" could be like "bugels" those horn-shaped crackers made by nabisco...or sunshine or one of the big honky cracker makers.

miss kendra said...

i'm so embarrassed! all these creeps have viewing access to my fancypnts!

(thanks slappy.)

amera hearts said...

why are people so mean to you on youtube? at leats you can be funny about it!

and i thought crackers were slightly tan. i eat wheat crackers so what does that say?

Ɯbermilf said...

People with freckles can't be trusted.

Also, Armenians.

Spinning Girl said...

If I get a tan this summer, am I still a cracker?