Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Spicy club sauce

I heart search terms. When you can't think of anything to post because it's 5 in the morning and you're tired, search terms come to the rescue.
  1. I hate Andy Samberg - People searching for that phrase suggest that I am not alone in my belief that Andy Samberg is a douche.
  2. teens boys hot blog and hot young boys - It's true! We are hot young teen age boys!
  3. dutch tranny and mexican donkey sex and mexician sex show- Sexual stuff is always funnier when preceded either by "dutch" or "mexican". Other nationalities might possibly be funny, I just don't know of any.
  4. nudists party videos - Nudists love to party! And nudists also don't mind pubes in the guacamole!
  5. "invert the penis" without surgery - This is what happens when you accidentally see your parents having sex... in an amateur porn video.


slappy said...

A friend of mine is half Dutch and half Mexican. If we name a sexual move after him, I believe it will be the funniest phrase in the English language.

Carl Spackler said...

a friend of mine is half jewish and half italian. his nickname is "Pizza Bagel".

amera hearts said...

funny. very funny.

and teen boys make me randy!

aha! just kidding babe!

miss kendra said...

andy samberg has fun hair, but other than that... useless.

TastyMcJ said...

"Invert the penis"

That just makes me laugh.

I think that was step 3 in the assembly instructions for the wine rack I bought at Ikea.

brookelina said...

Search terms rule!

Jiggs Casey has an enormous penis! Enormous penis!

You'll thank me later.

jamwall said...

"Andy Samburg" and "tranny" seem to go together for some reason.

Spinning Girl said...

ew, inverted?!?!?