Friday, June 22, 2007

More like Rocky Balboner!

I watched Rocky 6 on DVD and it was totally awesome.

When a computer picks young Balboa as the victor in a simulated fight over reigning champ Mason Dixon, Rocky tosses away his walker to enter the ring one final time for a charity bout, with half the fight's proceeds going to NaMBLA.

The climax of the film, and the simultaneous climax in my pants, occurs during the fight when Mason Dixon, played by boxing champ Antonio Tarver, reaches into Balboa's mouth and rips out Rocky's spine for a Mortal Kombat style fatality.

While the pacing of the film up to that point is a little slow, it's still a poignant reflection on what happens to a fighter when he grows old and goes back to the ring for one last great fight: He gets his spine ripped out.

Also, yesterday I cut my gum with dental floss by flossing too hard... Who does that?!?! I'm a moron!


Carl Spackler said...

i can't believe you watched that movie. don't get me wrong, i'm a huge fan of Rocky but i lost interest after the 4th one. 5th was bad too but 6 looks absolutely atrocious.

why did they pick the name Mason Dixon...couldn't they come up with something else?

nothing, and i mean nothing, beats rocky 3. clubber lang is my hero!

amera hearts said...

sometimes when i get mad, i imagine i'm going mortal combat on someones ass. i'll do the uppercut that rips out their spine. it's very satisfying!

oh and don't worry about the floss incident. i was brushing my teeth, gagged and bit my cheek so hard there is a massive amount missing from the right side of my mouth.

have a fun weekend sexy!

slappy said...

Yeah, why did they choose the comically absurd name of Mason Dixon, rather than something like Clubber Lang?

Jiggs, you need to stop flossing by tying a piece across the doorway at face height and then lunging at it.

B.E. Earl said...

Rocky Balboa was easily my favorite Rocky film since the 4th one.


Lee Ann said...

I have done that Jiggsy!
Rinse in warm salt water.

Have a great weekend!

miss kendra said...



brookelina said...

You can't floss too hard. Your gums are fucked.

4 out of 5 dentists surveyed say so. The other one is in the corner eating hard candy.

I need a nap.

jamwall said...

i climaxed in jiggs' pants while reading this post...and jiggs is a thousand or so miles away. that wasn't an easy feat.