Friday, June 01, 2007

I am a super hero

Slappy was partially right when he suggested that I was off fighting crime with Tasty and Booty. I was off fighting crime alright, but not with Tasty. Tasty was off in Hungary beating the paprika out of evil-doers. And not with Booty because Booty was off masturbating in the shower.

No, for this mission, I needed two female sidekicks and I found them in Miss Kendra and A-Team.

LOCATION: Hollywood, California

MISSION: Senator Feinstein is deep into military secrets. She has been selling information about our new fusion bomb to North Korea and receiving payments strictly in kimchi. As everyone knows, Feinstein has a penchant for Hollywood hookers and can often be seen cruising down Hollywood Boulevard searching for pootytang. The mission is to assume the role of Pimp Jiggy and pimp out my deadly hos to Feinstein.

Of course, A-Team and Miss Kendra will assume the ho identities Vinyl Vixen and Ms. Kitty, respectively. Each of them will be armed with the deadly neuro-toxin K3n-E-G33 and are under orders to take Feinstein out and end the evil kimchi shipments.

As usual, the best part about any undercover mission is the costuming. And as you can tell from our sexy costumes, The Vinyl Vixen, Pimp Jiggy and Ms Kitty are ready for action! Talk about MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!


TastyMcJ said...

Jiggs, I think your intense gaze just sexually assaulted me via the internet.

I am scared. and scarred.

slappy said...

Tasty, stop looking at Jiggs. Look at the pretty ladies. Hello, pretty ladies.

Ɯbermilf said...

I am so incredibly jealous.

Carl Spackler said...

can you add hilary clinton and nancy pelosi to your hit list?

miss kendra said...

my secret identity is so hot.

miss kendra said...

a team's is hotter.

pimp jiggy is the best pimp though, you guys. seriously. he bought me ribs!

jamwall said...

I thought feinstein was selling secrets to North Dakota.

That would be much much worse in my view. North Dakotans can't handle fusion, either the kind that explodes or even jazz fusion.

jiggs said...

tasty: you're welcome

slappy: hands off my hos!

uebermilf: as you should be. we're crimefighters.

carl: if they start trading in government secrets in exchange for a well-seasoned garnish, then they are dead meat.

miss kendra: I only buy ribs for my best hos.

jamwall: remind me not to tour my jazz fusion band through Fargo.

[Silly] Lilly said...

Oh ow! You look hot, Jiggsy!!! ;-)

TastyMcJ said...

The ladies are also hot.

But I didn't feel sexually assaulted, as much as just sexually aroused.

my word verification is



Spinning Girl said...

you guys are out of control.

and i love it!!!

Lee Ann said...

Jiggsy you are really pimpin there!
The modern mod squad...awesome!

brookelina said...

Do you wear tights? And a cape? And a codpiece? Well do you? Cause that would be....lovely.


[Silly] Lilly said...

Jiggs wearing a codpiece? I am sure he's got balls of steel!! :-D

Nick said...

side boob

Tits McGee said...

That is totally one of my hottest fantasies come to life.

I need some "alone time" now.