Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Funny to me

The big buzz surrounding the Conservapedia, which is like the Wikipedia except with a fanatical political bent, has died down which means we can visit it and be amazed at the fair and balanced information. The article on atheism, for example, starts with a section called "Biblical View of Atheism." If I remember my CCD, I believe the Bible is opposed to it.

It just goes to show the formulation "Just like ______, but for ______ people" never works. Like Air America, the Fox News version of Daily Show, and that short-lived chain of Mormon combination brothel/opium den/chicken-fried steak restaurants.

Compare and contrast:

Wikipedia entry on "god"

Conservapedia entry on "god"

The Wiki entry on "god" discusses the belief in deities in general, and various examples in modern and ancient religion. It even covers subtle concepts like theism and deism, which you would expect since the article was written by someone with a degree in religious studies, or by a 12-year old kid with a copy of "Religion for Dummies." Either way, really.

The Conservapedia entry on "god" refers only to the Christian god, which I'm pleased with in that they don't try to throw the Jews a bone with the whole Judeo-Christian afterthought. There are so many unnecessary capitalizations I feel like I'm reading Francis Bacon. The capper is that the end of the article has a link to "other gods."

At least is wasn't a link to "gods worshipped by the hell-bound."


jamwall said...

If the conservapedia article were written by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, we would get a synopsis on God and bananas--certainly something we can be thankful for.

amera hearts said...

hm. i could agree with atheism because logically you cannot prove God exists.

but i don't agree because religion is all about faith. and i have faith god exists.

either way if you are a good person and do good works you'll be a-okay in life!

brookelina said...

Are you there, God? It's me Brookelina.

B.E. Earl said...

What did we do in the past when the internet didn't exist and we wanted to know about god(s)?

Thank God(s) for Al Gore!

slappy said...

Jammer: I'm sure Kirk's people are working on a section on banana creationism. Also his fine work in the Left Behind movies.

Amera: Religious affiliation definitely does not correlate with douchebaggery. I've met douchey and nondouchey people of all faiths. I think you'll like the next Jiggsinetics post.

Brookie: I don't think god has a blogger account. He's totally into MySpace.

Earl: Probably the Encyclopedia Brittanica or the World Book. Maybe the World Book invented Al Gore...

jamwall said...

Meanwhile Kirk and Ray have hired vast banana mercenaries to harvest and hide all the world's wild bananas. They will then proceed to buy huge amounts of grocery store bananas and duct tape them to your neighborhood oak or elm tree.

Praise Jesus the banana man.