Monday, June 18, 2007

By the power vested in me by my 44 magnum

People spend too much money on weddings. I know a couple spending $12 an invitation on over 250 people. That outrageous!

Getting married should be a lot like getting a gun. After you decide to do it, there's gotta be a mandatory 10 day waiting period in case you were drunk or high when you made the decision. That'll give both parties time to think about whether they really need it.

Then everybody has to head off to the range to take the safety lessons and when you're done shooting stuff, the instructor gives you your license and you're married. And you'd have the best wedding gift of all: a gun!

Have I mentioned that I'm becoming a writer for Larry the Cableguy?



slappy said...

That explains the commercial for his new Comedy Central special where it's him talking about his penis for 30 seconds.

miss kendra said...

i am, apparently, going to learn to shoot a gun.

slappy said...

We should perform a Jiggsinetics mass marriage here sometime.

I can't decide who we're going to marry Carl off to.

TastyMcJ said...

I shot a gun once.

well, more than once.

shooting stuff is fun.

Lee Ann said...

I don't think you are ready to get married Jiggsy!

slappy said...

He's ready to get mass married!

amera hearts said...

i think people over think weddings. just do it for crying out loud!

jamwall said...

Don't go off half-cocked.