Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Where did all my funny go?

Now I know some of you are saying to yourself, "how could nothing go anywhere?!?! OOOH! SNAP!" I wholeheartedly support any shouting at your monitor.

But this is serious! I'm not funny anymore!

It's like my funny left me in the middle of the night, leaving $40 worth of unfunny on my dresser next to the picture of my mom.

Do you see where I'm going with this? I'm not funny anymore!

It's like I too eagerly stepped out onto an unfunny sidewalk and slipped on some unfunny poop. I stumbling and got covered in unfunny. My funny shirt is ruined!

It's a problem. I'm not funny anymore!

I sat down on an unfunny bike without an unfunny bike seat and cut open my funny sack. Then all my funny juice spilled out before I could seal up my funny sack with funny stitches. And sadly now I won't be able to have any funny babies.

My funny life is ruined! I'm not funny anymore!

One more thing: if you haven't seen the Free Paris Hilton Petition, you should. Unlike me, it's very funny.


slappy said...

I found your funny. It was in the back of your closet behind the pile of elaborate puns and the "Oh Lady!"

slappy said...

I wouldn't worry. You're still pretty.

Carl Spackler said...

i bet if i were to fill you with my man juices that you would be funny again.

B.E. Earl said...

Carrot Top...heh heh....funny.

(funny lookin', that is)

Übermilf said...

Yeah. Your face is still funny.

Also, Nick lost his funny years ago and you don't see him complaining.

miss kendra said...

my favorite part of her petition was when she misspelled "sign."

Nick said...

That petition makes me sick to my stomach.

I can't believe that someone thinks that socialite twat shouldn't have to do jail time for her crime. Their best argument against jail time is that the courts have been lenient with other celebrities, which is also a joke and a testament to how fucked our judicial system is.

If I was rich I would committ treason and see if I could get out of being hanged.

Nick said...

Also, if this petition is successful and she doesn't have to go to jail as a result of it, it would set an ungodly legal precedent that the general ignorant public can outweigh a jury and a judge.

The next step would be a call-in reality show where we get to decide if someone is guilty for $1.99 per call.

Nick said...

I'm fucking outraged!

Übermilf said...

See? I told you he's not funny.

amera hearts said...

okay this post was fun, but the comments were funnny!

Nick said...

If I'm not funny then how do you explain the fact that I signed the PH Peititon with the name Jack Mehoff?

That's what I thought.

miss kendra said...

FYI- i tagged both jiggs and slappy over at my blog.

get to work boys.

jamwall said...

Your funny fell between the cushions of my couch. Carrot top's corpse is behind the couch.

That's how I differentiate....Jiggs' funny under the cushions....dead Carrot Top BEHIND the couch.

I got nothing.