Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The truth revealed

So every now and then the rhythm of gets disturbed and I post five things in a row. I get a lot of comments like "Where is Jiggs? Release him from the crawlspace!" Others assume that Jiggs is gallivanting across Berkeley, getting high and hangin with the ladies.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Jiggs is actually a crime-fighting superhero.

Why would I reveal his secret identity? It pained me, but then I realized that his superhero name is Jiggs Man and his mask is just a picture of his own face with the eyes cut out. Then I didn't feel so bad about tipping off the criminal world.

These occasional interludes where it's just me around is when Jiggs is doing battle with an arch nemesis. Typically he has either Tasty (as Sexy Sancho Panza) or Booty (as The Whirling Dreidel of Death) as his sidekick. Since my only superpower is generating flimsy premises for blog posts, I usually stay out here in Boston and keep the blog running. Plus airfare is a bitch.


Ɯbermilf said...

Also, your battle cry of "I'm going to give you such a SLAP!" is not very fear-inducing.

Your spandex suit is also wearing a bit thin. Your crotch area needs some reinforcing.

Booty J Patrol said...

Great, now you've revealed my secret identity!

amera hearts said...

you should take a group photo!

miss kendra said...

whirling dreidel of death??? AWE SOME.

jamwall said...

jiggs has hulk-like abilities in that he turns green when he's mad, but that's about it...he JUST turns green..

slappy said...

Ubie: Actually, I'm thinking about going with the crotchless spandex suit. Then I'll use Prince's old symbol as my superhero name.

Booty: Please, you reveal your secret identity every time you try to pick up chicks at parties.

Amera: That's what I'm hoping to precipitate.

Kendra: Thank you. It took me a while to figure out what Booty should be called.

Jammer: We all have ironically useless powers like that. For example, I can talk to fish like Aquaman, but I'm a terrible swimmer.

Nick said...

Don't sell yourself short, Slappy. These aren't as flimsy as you think.