Friday, May 04, 2007


More cards!


Nick said...

Larry King is the most retarded person on CNN.

miss kendra said...

uma is hot sometimes. other times she is weird looking.

my birthmom looked like uma until she got all rotten and used up from being a henious bitch.

miss kendra said...

and by henious, i mean heinous.

shut it.

jamwall said...

larry king's starched shirt and metal suspenders are the only things holding him upright.

Kat said...

You were far too kind to Tom. Far too kind.

slappy said...

Nick: The fact-checkers on StarFacts did a very good job. Especially for Celine Dion.

Kendra: She does - it's the eyes I think. Tyra Banks is another example of hot/weird.

Jammer: It is entirely possible that he is now moved by animatronics.

Kat: We don't want the Scientologists coming after us.