Thursday, May 31, 2007

Greetings from Overseas


I'm in Szeged, Hungary at the moment.

I just thought I'd pop in and post this; I'd have an entertaining picture of me and a goat or something, but I forgot my USB cable at the place I'm staying (which is not where I am right now).


I've been eating a lot of food the past several days since I got here. I was gnawing on a rooster foot a few nights ago in the small village where my relatives live, and they start every morning here with a shot of homemade fruit brandy (palinka). There has also been lots of wine.

Anyway. My internet shall remain sporadic. But I am still around. I'll be back in the States on June 11th. Hope you all get along ok without me.


slappy said...

Evil doers in Hungary, beware!

Carl Spackler said... blogging. thats impressive!

Ɯbermilf said...

Hey! My paprika's from Hungary!

amera hearts said...

wow! awesome! bring me back some spices!

miss kendra said...

i am hungry too.

oh wait that's not what you said.


amera hearts said...

na na na na

na na na

na na na na



gettin' jiggy with it!

jamwall said...

I'm hungry for paprika.

[Silly] Lilly said...

Hope you're having a nice time, Tasty! Be sure to stop by Vikingland while your 'over here' -- I'll be sure to serve you some chilled Carlsberg :-D

Lee Ann said...

Hey Tasty!

Nick said...

I saw a Hungary Hungary Hippo at my local zoo.