Sunday, May 27, 2007

Chillin like some sort of villain

Slow Memorial Day weekend out here, so here is your post. We had some friends over to play board games today. One of the games was super old school Careers, made in 1955. That's the board game where you can be a uranium prospector, or be the first man on the moon. Other choice 1950s squares include "Get a gorgeous secretary" and "Wife goes on shopping spree."

So my girlfriend was the only woman among the handful of people playing. She went into the "Big Business" career, but got kicked out because she landed on "Too ambitious" and went to the unemployment square. She tried again, got kicked out on the same square. Third time, still landed on "Too ambitious." Okay, then she gets an "opportunity card" that said she could go to the Hollywood career path because of her great beauty. First good square she landed on of the whole game: "Pose for calendar."


miss kendra said...

well i sure hope she was july or december, because everyone knows those are the good months.

Nick said...

Women don't belong in the business world anyway.

amera hearts said...

that's a bit odd.

when she "posed" for the calendar, was it a nude one?

aha, j/k.

slappy said...

Kendra: I was under the impression that the hotties got March. Clearly I've been misinformed.

Nick: My lawyer has advised me that I have no comment.

Amera: Considering the value of landing on the square, I think it was just a PG-13 calendar. The kind that you can not be too embarrassed when your mom sees it, but is still super awesome when you're 14.

Nick said...

Your lawyer is wise.