Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekly Hate: Greedy Press Your Luck Contestant

What are you thinking? Pass your spins.

You're in the lead and have only 3 spins left. You're sitting on $17,823: $12,500 in cash, a snooker table, an exercise bike and a trip to Puerto Vallarta. The chick in second place has only $4000. She can't catch up to you. Give her your spins, she'll be forced to burn them up and you'll win. Or if she whammies you're as good as gold. This should not be that difficult.

Peter Tomarken just explained it to you. Slowly, like you would to a dog. Do you dare question Peter Tomarken?I know it's called "Press Your Luck," but that's what you did when you played with 4 spins left. Now you are playing "Whammy Death Wish."

You're really going to play, huh? You are dead to me. I liked you up until now, you were sharp in the question round, your "Big Bucks No Whammies" chant was short and sweet, but you have crossed the line into game show madness. This I cannot condone. I now openly hope for your downfall.

Ha. Stop... on a whammy. Oh look, he's breakdancing. That must hurt. You make a dumbass play, lose damn near 20 grand in cash and prizes, and you have to watch cheap animation breakdance while it happens.
That's what you get, Greedy Press Your Luck Contestant. That's what you get for your hubris.


B.E. Earl said...

I hated "Press Your Luck" with a passion.

And yet I know watch classic reruns of it on GSN.

Fucking whammy!

jamwall said...

if peter tommmarkekenovich told me to pour cottage cheese down his pants i would comply.

Spinning Girl said...

I have no idea what you're talking about, but I was entertained.

Bonus point for use of word "hubris".

slappy said...

B.E.: Don't fight the whammy. But don't watch the recent version Whammy! That one is just lame.

Jammer: You must have been watching the Press Your Luck DVD set with the original "Lightning Round". Tomarken was such a perv.

Spinner: Clearly someone hasn't wasted enough time watching Game Show Network.