Saturday, April 07, 2007

Weekend game

Okay, I can't think of anything clever, so let's play a game today. What is the weirdest apartment you've ever seen?

I'll go first. Here in Boston we looked at a 1 bdrm apartment with a walk-through bathroom. The only way to get into the kitchen was through the bathroom.


jamwall said...

i was picking up a friend/co-worker at her condo which was located in a classic old remodeled brownstonish type building in st. paul. her condo is basically a long hallway with various rooms peppered along the way.

there's a living space on opposing ends of this massive hallway.

the kitchen is near the far end of the hall. so i guess that's where she does her primary "living."

Monkey said...

That's weird.

We lived for a brief period of time in Brooklyn. The kitchen and the bathroom were the same room. So you could pee and cook stir fry at the same time.

Rebecca said...

I lived in the one up stairs appartment once where you had to step up to the next room. I'm not sure if I was sleeping on the third floor or the second or someplace between the two.....My leggs looked great back then..

Lee Ann said...

That is weird!
I have lived in a lot of apartments in Texas, Florida and Alabama, but they have all been relatively normal.

Kat said...

That is fucked up. I really can't top that.

Bonanza JellyBean said...

How much were they asking?

slappy said...

Jammer: That sounds like you could do a lot with the place. Like have a single bowling lane.

Monkey: Now that's convenience.

Rebecca: I had an apartment where my bedroom was in the attic and I had to climb a ladder. I didn't think about the benefit of toning my ass and legs.

Lee Ann: Well, there's a benefit to the South. I still can't handle humidity, so it's out for me.

Kat: Glad you have also had good apartment luck.

Bonanza: $1200/month, which is a normal asking price for a 1BD/1BA in Cambridge MA.

Kat said...

Oh wait! What was I thinking? Must have repressed this one. Do roomates that are raging alcoholics who try to kill themselves on a regular basis count?

slappy said...

Kat: That will be a great entry in an upcoming game "Worst Roommates" - it beats my "unhygenic Spaniards who were obsessed with Sex in the City" out of the water.

miss kendra said...

i saw some real winners in my most recent search, one of which had no sink.

another had a really really large bay window on one side that when you opened the blinds revealed the wall of the building next door.

close enough to use a spoon and dig through even.