Sunday, April 01, 2007

A gambling story

I’m spending this weekend in Lake Tahoe, NV. Since I don’t ski, the only thing I have to do here is gamble. This evening I had such an awesome story that I just had to share.

I cashed in with $500, and I was playing $25 a hand. I was pretty close to even the whole time, until a new dealer came in and took me all the way down to $50 in chips. Then the old dealer came back in and I was slowly getting back up to even.

Everyone had left the table, and I was still down $125. Then I got the best blackjack hand in my life. I was dealt two 7’s against the dealer’s 6. I split, and got another 7. I split again and got another 7. Then I got a 2, which is a double down hand, so I doubled. I don’t remember what came next, but then I got an A on the next 7, which is also a doubling hand. Again I doubled. Then I got a 6 to go with the next 7, and on the last 7, I got another 2, and doubled again.

So at this point, I had $175 on the table against the 6. The dealer turned over his 6, and he had a 5 underneath. My heart sank. Then he pulled out a 2. An 8 or less and I was screwed. The dealer pulls a 9. He has 22, and I just won $175, putting me up $50.

I gave the dealer a big tip, and then got up and left, quite happy with my huge win, and then went across the street for a lobster dinner.



slappy said...

A heartwarming tale the whole family can enjoy. It teaches kids about probability and addition.

My only concern is that gambling at Lake Tahoe leads to gambling in Reno. Gambling in Reno leads to toothlessness.

Anyone who's been to Reno can back me up on this one.

Nick said...

You know what else leads to toothlessness?

having all your teeth pulled.

Congrats Booty.

Booty J Patrol said...

Don't worry, Slappy. I usually only gamble in Reno with my dentist (it's true, she's related). So even though there is a high probability of toothlessness, it is canceled out by the being reminded to floss.

Nick: Thanks, it was pretty sweet. I'm going downstairs now to see if I have enough comps for another free meal.

amera hearts said...

i love tahoe. i prefer the south side.

i don't gamble. but if i gave you 100 dollars, could you turn it into 5K? i really would love that!