Monday, April 23, 2007

Another gem of a comment

Our youtube channel provides me with endless pleasure. It's a gift that keeps on giving, if you will. So please enjoy with me, this wonderful comment that was posted on our liquid nitrogen smash movie:

omg the fat stupid nerd on on the right, he needs to get laid i mean seriously "the mint does that because it sucks my balls" that guy is a fuck tard, he should get laid and die, wait not even get laid, he will never, and he is always trying to stick his huge head in the center of the fucking video, what a fucking nerd, i just wanna strangle him

I didn't realize that US Mint employees would take such offence to my offhand remark that the "US Mint sucks my balls."


slappy said...

That's not just any Mint employee, that's Henry Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury.

He takes this shit real personal.

Nick said...

When will people learn that liberal use of the word 'fuck' and egregious syntax errors are not the way to deliver one's message.

I mean, just ask anybody from the south.

Ɯbermilf said...

I thought you were talking about minty fresh gum.

miss kendra said...

they called you fat?


amera hearts said...

i love how they said fucktard. that is one of my favorite words. i can't say it because i feel like a dirty gilr if i do, but i love it none the less.

and who is fat? that's messed up. now my blood is boiling. i'll track those fuckers down and kick their asses!

side note. my arm hurts.

Lee Ann said...

I am with Miss Kendra on this...fat????

jamwall said...

He's right about "fat."


You're supposed to resemble a starving Ethiopian boy. Dudes who look like a starving Ethiopian not only have sleek bodies but they getz all da ladies.

Kat said...

Jiggs. Just remember your daisy roots and all will be well.