Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday Grab Sack

Our youtube channel gets visited by some interesting people. Consider what chuckie424 said about our liquid nitrogen smash video: These three are complete retard fags.

Now I admit to being both a retard and a fag, but let's not drag miss kendra and Tasty into this! It's just not right!

Speaking of video, more of you need to see the SpamSlam video. We're reading spam email in it, and it's much funnier than the premise would suggest.

Sunday was a good day. I made some tacos with friends and drank too much and watched Young Frankenstein. Then I enjoyed some quiet time with my Schwannstuecker.

Yesterday, though, was less satisfying. A lens popped out of my glasses while I was sashaying around town and I'm not exactly sure where. When I wear my glasses with the missing lens, I look like a crazy person.


slappy said...

How intense was your pelvic thrusting that you could lose a lens and not notice?

You're a different kind of cat, Jiggs.

Ɯbermilf said...

You could just use cellophane to fill in the empty frame.

jamwall said...

chuckie424 can't handle all the shiny-pants-pelvic dry humping goign on, particularly when he's drunk with his pants down.

miss kendra said...

i am offended.

i bet if i were in a bikini they would have liked me better.

next time.

Carl Spackler said...

i have a non-sexual crush on slappy.

Tits McGee said...

I hear that kid with ADHD does some mad intense pelvic thrusting.

Brookelina said...

I need to spend my Sundays with you. I like retarded fags. They make me feel smart. And pretty.

Could be worse. Could be raining.

sombrero11 said...

"We're reading spam email in it, and it's much funnier than the premise would suggest."

I disagree with the second portion of that statement.

Booty J Patrol said...

Question for sombrero11:

Do you disagree because you think the idea of reading spam is hilarious, or do you disagree because you think our video sucks?

jiggs said...

slappy: when I thrust, I thrust immensely.

uebermilf: yes. that would make me look completely sane.

jamwall: we've all been there.

miss kendra: everyone likes bikinis!

carl: i have a nonsexual crush on warren beatty. just kidding. it's a sexual crush.

tits: he does. it's magnificent.

brooke: sundays with brookie sounds fun

sombrero: we'll just assume that you think the premise is utterly hilarious.

booty: can't it be both?

slappy said...

Jiggs: I want to make sure you understand that everyone loves bikinis when they are on, say, a Miss Kendra, rather than a Jiggs. We don't want a repeat of the Tallahassee Incident.

Carl: I'm touched. You still can't dry hump me though.

Sombrero: I agree. The premise is hilaaarious. I can't quite make out your picture. Are you a cyborg?

Brooke: Worse things happen at sea.

sombrero11 said...

Yes, I disagree with your claim that the video is funnier than the premise. Stick to your 21st Century Gallagher act.

Slappy, I'm flesh and bone, just like anyone else, I'm just naturally indistinct. It comes in handy for liquor store holdups and police lineups, but not much else. I had a hell of a time finding a pair of indistinct sunglasses to complement my face, I'll tell you that much.

Lee Ann said...

I love your movies. I just read about You Tube and Google being sued for 1 billion dollars...something about copywright materials. :[

You guys rock!

slappy said...

Damn, you would have been our first cyborg reader.

Gallagher? We're not even in the same league! I mean, he smashes watermelons. Watermelons. We're not even up to grapefruit yet. In a few years, we might be Gallagher-level.

Lee Ann, all I can say is none of our stuff on youtube has copyrighted material. Mr. Wizard with ADHD, that's all our idea baby.

Kat said...

Takes one to know one chuckie chucker chuck.:op
That's all I got.

Spinning Girl said...


the candle.