Friday, March 30, 2007

A new benchmark in degeneracy

One of the things I take pride in is my degenerate gambling. Usually that's poker, but I do enjoy making small bets on sporting events. Usually $1US (although once I made a bet of 1 euro against a guy who was on business travel in France), because it's about the love of the gamble, not the money. I've bet on Arena football, little league baseball, the NCAA basketball play-in game, and the first college football bowl game of the year (go North Texas Mean Green!). It's how I get in touch with my Asian cultural roots. We loves us some gambling.

But today I've hit a new high, and by high I mean low. I've bet on the Cricket World Cup - that's one-day cricket, where they speed up the game, giving each team a set number of pitches. That way it only lasts a crackling 8 hours instead of the traditional 5 days. Cricket is one of those games that makes me think that England colonized a quarter of the globe just so they could teach their subjects arcane sporting events and have someone to play against.

The Irish squeaked into the second round, so I'm backing the plucky underdogs against England, plus 62 runs. We made a game called "Bet on those Irish" which in format is a lot like "Name that tune". We may have to use the Duckworth-Lewis chart to project what the final score would have been in case of rain, or England beating Ireland without using all of their pitches. I just like the sound of that. Duckworth-Lewis. It sounds so scientific, so final. I hope to someday use that name to weasel out of a question at a technical talk. "How did you correct for electronic cross-talk?" "Oh, we used the Duckworth-Lewis method." "....... um, okay then."


Monkey said...

I don't know why, but this post made my hoo-hah feel funny. Was it all the talk of Cricket? Or was it the Duckworth-Lewis method?

Your friend and Anglophile,

slappy said...

Definitely the latter. If you've ever gotten some Duckworth-Lewis action in your hoo-hah, you know what I'm talking about.

Wait. What?