Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Boston poem

Piles of wet slush snow line the streets
Shades of brown and grey from soot and sand
As though God took a dump on the whole city

Within spitting range of April
More slush to fall this week
Winter is nice
But seriously, it can be spring now



Booty J Patrol said...

You should come back to California, Slappy. It's sunny and warm!

Ok, that's a lie. There's actually a light drizzle today. But yesterday, when you wrote this, it was sunny.

Rebecca said...

Winter is here and a grouch
It's a time when you sneeze and you slouch
You can't take your men
Out canoein' or swimmin'
But there's a lot you can do on the couch!

slappy said...

Props on the limerick.

We don't get enough limericks down here.

Ɯbermilf said...

There was a young man who loved spring
He longed for the warmth it would bring
So he took a sun lamp
And a bikini-clad tramp
To his room where they had a fine fling

Spinning Girl said...

oh vernal equniox, why hast thou forsaken me?

slappy said...

Damn you Equinox! Damn you straight to hell!

Monkey said...

Oh how I agree with you. Enough of winter already. It's legally spring. Make it so!

jamwall said...

i have a vernal equinox in my geyserhole.