Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Beyond Dianetics

Next stop: tax-exempt status!

Direct link here.


Ookami Snow said...

I was down with Jiggsinetics until you said I couldn't do all of that stuff.

Can it drive me where I want to go at faster speeds than local laws allow?

Monkey said...

I had some kind of a nerdgasm watching that video. Once again... video genius. Genius I tell you!

TastyMcJ said...

I like volcanoes.

I realize I haven't been around the blog lately.

I'm writing my PhD dissertation.

I will be back in full force once my first decent draft is done.

slappy said...

Ook: We're working on jetpacks.

Monkey: Sounds good. Messy, but good. I am pleased.

Tasty: Thesis time? The intro/background is the hardest chapter to write. If you're done with it, have yourself a victory beer.

Lee Ann said...

oh...I guess there is no hope then!
Thanks for being there and being such an inspiration to us!

jamwall said...


just write a simple intro and conclusion and just fill in the rest with stuff from wikipedia.

jamwall said...

i can't feel my face!!!!

little tiny aliens are shooting laserbeams at my geyserhole!

amera hearts said...

this is awesome.

slappy said...

Lee Ann: No, you can still do all those things, we just can't help you.

Jammer: That sensation is the first step towards enlightenment. Or it means you have the clap. Either way.

Amera: Thanks. It's my first MovieMaker project. Also my first attempt at starting a cult.

Tits McGee said...