Friday, March 16, 2007

Andy Barker P.I.

Produced by Conan O'Brien, starring Andy Richter. He's an accountant who ends up working as a private detective. Hilarious. Thursdays 9:30 NBC. Watch it, love it. It's ten pounds of awesome in a five pound sack.

No one watched Andy on Andy Richter Controls the Universe, and it died after one season. Andy deserves better.


miss kendra said...

i won't watch this, because i'm never home on thursdays... but i like you so much i felt like i should comment anyway.

slappy said...

That is very sweet. I guess what's important is not us proletariats, but the Nielsen families. Find someone with a Nielsen box and make them watch the show. Use your feminine wiles.

TastyMcJ said...

Show == good

sombrero11 said...

Not only did I watch Andy Richter Controls the Universe, I loved it, and pleasured myself to it (his boss had big cans).

Every show I love gets cancelled.
Every show I hate runs forever.*
Therefore, for the good of the viewing public, I have stopped watching TV.

*The exception to this is The Simpsons.

slappy said...

Good, I thought I was the one killing good TV. Lucky on FX, Andy Richter on Fox, Arrested Development (well, okay, they brought that back).

Oh, and you're thinking of Paget Brewster. Both of the chicks on Andy Richter were quite tasty.

Rebecca said...

posting a comment....posting a comment...posting a comment..


slappy said...

Thank you, Rebecca.