Thursday, February 15, 2007

Who are the ad wizards Part II

I saw the latest ad for AXE bodyspray, where a young man is spraying himself (continuously) for the 30 second spot while a horde (a horde is defined as more than a hundred people moving in formation) of bikini-clad girls converge on him. It kinda reminded me of the sketch in Monty Python Meaning of Life where the guy gets to choose his method of execution and is chased over a cliff by a gang of topless women. But the new slogan is, no joke, "Spray more, get more." I'm glad the subtlety that has dominated the AXE ad campaign for so long is out the window.

Seriously, though, I need a favor from the ladies of the jiggsblog community. Next time you're in the drug store, can you smell a can of AXE and let me know if it is the most arousing experience you've ever known? Or at least in the top 10. For comparison, you can also sample basic men's deodorant: they come in only two fragrances, green and blue.

You can go here to take a look at the campaign.


miss kendra said...

axe smells ok. i've dated guys who wore it.

the problem is that it's readily available to every 10th grader,and
it doesn't mix well with cologne. so if that's the person you want to smell like, go for it.

if not, drakkar noir is nice i hear.


Kat said...

It's good but it's damn expensive pit stick.
I like hugo boss #6 cologne. Yum.e.

slappy said...

Much like Jiggs, I rely on my natural musk to attract females.

Ookami Snow said...

Man there was somebody at the movies that reeked of some smell. I'll say it was AXE, and that he must have been continuously spraying it. But no, no flock of girls.

Booty J Patrol said...

"For comparison, you can also sample basic men's deodorant: they come in only two fragrances, green and blue."

Classic. Actually, my deodorant is sort of a blue-green, so I guess it is a hybrid. I picked it up at a supermarket that was closing for $1, so maybe it isn't supposed to be blue-green.

Carl Spackler said...

how cum i have to scoll halfway down the page to read the commentary? is it my computer or does your layout suck?

farts and fluff forever,


slappy said...

Ook: Be thankful there was no flock, else you might have been crushed to death under a mountain of nubile women. Hmm.

Booty: Cut-rate deodorant? You're making the big bucks now, you can splurge on the good stuff. Deodorant by Grey Poupon.

Carl: Format's not messed up on my machine, but I don't understand this new non-beta Blogger. Like Wayne and Garth, we fear change.

jamwall said...

chicks are drawn to that gasoline smell that i carry around. smells like victory.

slappy said...

After an unfortunate incident during a candlelit dinner, I had to give up the napalm cologne.

jamwall said...

this reminds me of the jerry seinfeld game show sketch on SNL years ago. where all the contestants were seinfeld-esque comedians who were trying to come up with the correct joke for a variety of topics.

one of the contestants kept using the line "who are the ad wizards behind this one?"

slappy said...

Let's meet our first contestant Jack! Jack, you've been on the Tonight Show eight hundred times!

Thanks, Bob, it's great to be here.

And it was Adam Sandler that did the line. Carvey and Schneider were the other contestants.

miss kendra said...

also, drakkar noir is very tenth grade.

please buy real cologne. it was a joke.