Saturday, February 17, 2007

The way back machine

I am reminded of this awkward high school moment because I am recovering from a cold and my voice is all tore to shit. So I was a junior, and had a bad cold that tore my voice to shit. I lost my voice in my normal register, but if I lowered it just a little I could talk audibly. A couple days after I had healed and my voice went back to normal, a female friend of mine was talking to me and we had this exchange:

Her: Oh, are you feeling better?
Me: Yeah, my voice is finally back.
Her: Your voice was actually kinda sexy when you were sick.

Later that day I tried to shift my voice down a little, but couldn't find that register she liked. I feel that a chance at greater sexiness was lost forever.

Look, even then I knew I was destined to be an engineer. I needed every little bit of help I could get.


jamwall said...

that sounds like, what the spammers would call, a "throaty reprieve."

Kat said...

You're not alone. I too crave the sexy Kathleen Turner voice when I get a cold. But now that I say it I have to ask (much like your axe question)
Do guys find the deep KT voice sexy?

slappy said...

Depends on the guy. It's kinda like hair color preferences.

I like girls with scratchy voices, myself (Billie Holiday).