Saturday, February 10, 2007

Maybe I'm a bad person

Okay, I know I'm a bad person. But when I saw that "Three men claim to have fathered the baby daughter of former top model Anna Nicole Smith", all I could think of was "This could be the beginning of My Three Dads." I mean, hell, we know Paul Reiser is available.


Kat said...

Really? Cause all I could think of was man she really was a slut and I wonder who the other 'real' dads are.

Kat said...

...oh and, since when was she ever a Top Model?????

jamwall said...

unless you choose to toss your hat in the ring and be known as "big daddy slappy."

slappy said...

In her defense, she was on a lot of drugs.

I believe "Top Model" was chosen as media shorthand because "former Playboy Playmate who filmed a couple softcore action flicks, descended into obscurity, rebounded with an embarrassing reality show and finally a weight loss ad campaign" was deemed too wordy.

slappy said...

Jammer: Although I am known throughout downtown Vegas* as "Big Daddy Slappy", I am certain** I did not impregnate Anna Nicole Smith.

* The Strip is for suckers.

** I had a vasectomy.