Sunday, February 25, 2007

March Space Madness!!!

Over at I really don't like the word blog, there is some sort of crazy blog contest happening for choosing awesome blogs. I just found out that we are in it. And we made it past the first two rounds!

In the previous round, we beat the living snot out of jeremy freese's weblog. That sad piece of crap never knew what hit him. We were all like, "hey jeremy freese's weblog! SUCK OUR BALLS!" And then we told him that his mother wore army boots and after he started crying we were all like, "ya. that's right. keep crying you cry baby. sir crys-a-lot is more like it! now go make us a sandwich. AND NO MAYO THIS TIME!"

Next up is writing as jo(e) which will be a much tougher challenge. It's clear that her momma didn't raise no mess. However, I'm confident that we will cut though her like a knife though warm balls.


Kat said...

If there is voting involved you've got mine!

Kat said...

Hey wait...I'm in the running too! I'll vote for yours if your vote for mine ;o)

miss kendra said...

you will destroy them all.

Shanshu said...

I like the title you gave the blog competition over there. "March Space Madness" is subtle yet clever.

I dig it.