Monday, February 12, 2007

BabyJiggs Gear

Don't you want to outfit your baby with the coolest BabyJiggs styles? Consider this baby bib that says "peace" above an AK-47. With it, your baby can say, "I'm so fucking punk rock. Now change my fucking diaper."

Of course, for the ironic baby out there, we have got the "Daddy drinks because you cry" infant creeper. Next you'll be buying your baby a trucker hat that says, "TITS!".


scumbag said...

hey, i have a baby that likes guns! how fortunate.

miss kendra said...

this almost makes me want a baby.

the feeling has now passed.

slappy said...

And to think, people laughed at Fisher Price when they came out with a line of rifles for kids.

jiggs said...

scumbag: both you and your baby are lucky to have each other. I bet your baby is a lovable scamp as well.

miss kendra: wow. for a split second you indulged in the idea of motherhood. precious moments indeed.

slappy: those rifles were the best thing ever!

Lee Ann said... stuff! I love it!

jamwall said...

do these come in adult size?

jiggs casey drinks when i cry.

Kat said...

I just might have to buy this.

Tits McGee said...

I think I have a trucker hat that says "TITS!" over at my Café Press store.