Tuesday, February 27, 2007

An amusing youtube comment

So one of the rather quirky things about youtube is that people feel like they have the right to be total dicks, and just like any internet community, this is because there is no one to beat the shit out of us.

And so someone amusingly added the following comment to the liquid nitrogen jiggsbusters:
billybob6000 (18 hours ago)
is that kid doin this with his parents?
It took me a second to realize that he meant that I was the kid and Tasty and Miss Kendra were the parents. And since I thought the premise was funny, I played along:

1919productions (17 hours ago)
Unfortunately he is. Why do they let that kid play with dangerous stuff like liquid nitrogen? I know him. He's got ADHD and shouldn't be allowed within 10 feet of the stuff.

And this continued:
billybob6000 (6 hours ago)
lol hes realy sad..

1919productions (7 minutes ago)


slappy said...

I think this is the start of the New Adventures of Young Jiggs and His Disapproving Alcoholic Father Tasty.

Booty J Patrol said...

I think that Jiggs kid has the coolest parents ever! They let him play with liquid nitrogen, and his mom is a total hotty..

Ɯbermilf said...

I was going to say... "Dude, your mom is HOT"

Tits McGee said...

What Übie said.

miss kendra said...

thanks! i'm ok with being the mom as long as i'm the hot mom.

and it's ok that i'm drunk right? or on pills? because otherwise, no deal.

jamwall said...

why just yesterday, i got a call from jiggsy telling me to stop seducing his mom.

i think it might have been the cowbell serenading at 3 in the morning...

slappy said...

Kendra drinks because Jiggsy cries.

Jammer: It wasn't the cowbell. It was the pantslessness.

Spinning Girl said...

I think it's time the four of us sat down for a conference to discuss your progress.

sombrero11 said...

What you have to do is, next time you have liquid nitrogen, pour just a tiny bit on the floor. It will instantly transform into vapor with a loud pop, like a firecracker.

Lee Ann said...

I am with Booty....he has the coolest parents ever!