Monday, January 15, 2007

Perched on the brink of nihilism

It's Monday; it's grey out. All the playoff football games I watched this weekend were determined by who made the fewest unforced errors. The New Orleans Saints may be the best team right now. I feel old because I went to a 21-year-old's birthday party. And we're still being blackballed by Google, consigned to this purgatory of beta-blogging.



amera hearts said...

well i'm happy my pats won!


oh and my friend told me to look up this mullet site. i couldn't remember what the name was so i googled mullet watch, the jiggs blog is 6th on the list! sweet huh?

Nick said...

I want to know when the Pats stopped being a team of destiny and started being thugs.

I thought what LT said after the game summed it up nicely: "They showed no class...probably a reflection of their coach."

Carl Spackler said...

fuck google.

i hope they all go to hell.

i think new england is going to win it all. tom brady is fucking insane. i have a nonsexual crush on that wrong?

TastyMcJ said...

I don't think anything is wrong.

slappy said...

Sorry Amera and Carl, but I can't pull for any football team whose fans at their Super Bowl parade chant "Yankees Suck". However, because I am pulling for the Colts next weekend, that guarantees the Pats will win. Congratulations. If you decide to wager on the Pats, I expect 10% of your profits.

Nick: Did they really stomp the logo? The poker game restarted when the Chargers missed the FG.

Tasty: Wrong with what? Carl's rugged, yet metrosexual good looks?

slappy said...

Nick: It started during the Eagles-Pats SuperBowl when the Pats kept doing the wing-flapping.

amera hearts said...

carl, you're getting a great big kiss for being on my side about the pats. I've been a fan since 92.

tom brady is a great player.

jamwall said...

now you're just a dirty old man trying to legally molest young supple impressionable 21 year olds with rosy cheeks and tender fair skin.


slappy said...

Hey, I got Carl a kiss from Amera. High five.

Amera: I give props for being a fan of the Pats when they had the old logo. I miss that Revolutionary War soldier playing center. The flying John Kerry head just isn't the same.

Jammer: Don't forget the 20-year olds.