Monday, January 01, 2007

New Jiggs Resolutions

Ringing in the New Year here at the jiggsblog. We’re still shorthanded, but we’ll be back up to full capacity in a couple weeks as people get back from vacations. We usually don’t make resolutions, but here goes:

More jiggscasts (Sorry, McDougal).

A new look to the blog.

Lose ten pounds.

Finally pull off that caper we’ve been planning for years.

Continue keeping it real.

More full frontal nudity from Jiggs (This will require some work on Tasty’s part, but he’s a chemical engineer so synthesizing roofies should present no significant difficulties).

Rose Bowl!

15% more funny (starting next week).


Friends of McDougal said...

Wait ... did I cuss about the last jiggscast or something?

Moving pictures confuse and frighten me.

I've been on some pills.

Anonymous said...

What's 15 percent of zero?

(Just kidding. I kid because I love.)

rethwyll said...

I, for one, am looking forward to the 15% more funny. *marks calendar*

slappy said...

FoM: Last two or three. I figured it was one of your other personalities talking, but I didn't expect a shift into a pro/neutral-jiggscast personality until early March. Clearly the program I wrote to simulate your brain is poorly calibrated.

Ubie: Damn you, Ubie!

Reth: We plan on slowly ramping up to the 15% mark over the span of a month so we don't sprain anything.

amera hearts said...

rose bowl was prety good, until i fell asleep 10 minutes into the first quarter!

15% more funny? suh-weet!

frontal nudity? please no. you gotta keep them, as in, sexy babes guessing!

jamwall said...

a rose bowl for the gophers for a change.

now that they fired glen mason....FINALLY!!!

Anonymous said...

I demand fill frontal Jiggs nudity.

I just sent a gift to Jiggs via post, so perhaps this will provide some power of persuasion.

slappy said...

Amera: Only Jiggs is going full frontal. No one else is showing their junk, I promise. And Booty will continue to not even show his face. Or his junk, because his coworkers would recognize that too.

Jam: Golden Bears v Golden Gophers in the Rose Bowl. That would be sweet. Ratings outside of CA and MN: 0.9, just below an Arena Football game.

Tits: I thought that you might...