Friday, December 08, 2006

An odd complaint

As you know, I am obsessed with college football. In fact, I will be organizing the second annual Bullshit Bowl Challenge where my friends and I will pick the winners of the odd bowl games in December like the Poinsettia Bowl, the Motor City Bowl, and the Bowl. But for people who don't enjoy gambling on weird sports, this is the season to complain about how many bowl games there are and how a team that finishes 6-6 goes to a bowl game.

Here's what's odd: these games don't affect anything. It's not like there won't be a Rose Bowl on January 1st because all the football got used up on December 28th. As far as I can tell, they don't like the extra bowl games because they don't want to "have to watch Rice play Troy on December 22." It doesn't seem to be an option for these people to simply not watch the Bowl. They're compelled to watch the games, but they're not happy about it.

It's like someone spending 4 hours at an all-you-can-eat buffet and complaining about the food.


The Husband said...

would you feel different if your school was in one of those crappy bowls?

for example, say Troy State (who actually just moved up to D1 a few years ago) made it to the "Dildo Bowl" for the very first time. i'm sure everyone in that school would be going crazy.

anwyay, i'm glad that you are picking up the slack for Jiggs.

slappy said...

I'm glad we could come together in Jiggs's month of need too.

Cal beat Virginia Tech 52-49 in the Bowl four years ago. It came 2 years after a 1-10 season and it felt damned good. Bullshit Bowl season is great for the little schools and the mediocre big conference teams.

And Miami got sent to Boise for the MPC Computers Bowl. That's beautiful.

miss kendra said...

the only bowl i'm interested in is the one with my cereal in it.

did you get my mailsack question? because it's killing me. i keep coming up with stranger and more frightening answers when left to my own devices.

please help me slappy.

slappy said...

Kendra: My girlfriend agrees.

I did get the mailsack question. I haven't had time to film stuff yet, but I'll email you the answer to save you from your imagination.

Nick said...

I love Boise's field.

slappy said...

The Smurf Turf has to be worth at least a touchdown for Boise St. every game.

jamwall said...

my golden gopher football team is headed to the "insight bowl."

this will, of course, give them insight on how much they suck.

slappy said...

I'm having trouble with my pick there. I have Texas Tech covering the 6.5 spread against the Gophers. Not happy about it. My reasoning is that the Gophers looked bad in Berkeley and we're Cal, so that can't be good.

How's the hockey team? We also do a Frozen Four Challenge instead of an NCAA basketball bracket.

jamwall said...


i would probably agree with your pick. the gopher football team has no defense to speak of. chants of "fire (coach glen) mason" also grow stronger with every cupcake bowl they qualify for. the fans will only take so many "music city bowls" or "sun bowls" or "insight bowls" before they stage a public beheading of the coach.

chants of "fire mason" were even heard at gopher hockey games. that's not a good sign.


as for the hockey team (my first love), they have just completed the first half of season with a 15-1-3 record. the coaching staff has changed their approach drastically from last year. players are required to earn their time on the ice. coach lucia has actually benched key players if they fail to have a good practice. he has also benched their top assist leader for falling behind on his schoolwork.

we're pretty optimistic over here about their chances. the defense has developed well, the forwards have been awesome and they're a much bigger more physical squad than in previous years.

still too early to make predictions. but they have all the tools to win it all this year.