Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Most Awesome Holiday Special EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Jiggs, B-Town and I are pleased to announce that the jiggscast holiday claymation special, 'Winter Wonderland' is now available for your eyeballs to consume.

Please Enjoy.

I'm going to go get on a plane and fly to Texas now. I will attempt to update over dial-up at least a few times.

Peace Out.


jamwall said...

i always enjoyed snuggling up to a nice warm christmas tragedy.

my geyserhole is puckering right now...

oh...and to the question of "do i yahoo?"

oh..i yahoo!

i yahoo HARD!

Ɯbermilf said...

The storyline was too complex for me to follow.

slappy said...

Tasty will be publishing the Cliff's Notes tomorrow.

miss kendra said...

i LOVE it.

watch out for that geyserhole!

Lee Ann said...

I will look when I get home!

Brookelina said...

My old roommate had Gumby and Pokey dolls. My boyfriend used to put them in pornographic positions.

Not that I was thinking of that while watching your film.

Spinning Girl said...

Wowm I am amazed by your bitchin' animation skillz. I made a claymation movie once (on 8mm) and if I ever transfer it to digital, it will rock the 'nets.

Also, is it just me, or does the Jiggs-gumby have a camel toe?

Bravo for introducing the word "geyserhole" into my lexicon.

Spinning Girl said...

"wowm" is Estonian for "Hoo-eeeeeee!"

Anonymous said...

Bound to become a holiday classic.

You guys are fucking geniuses and I wish I could make out under the mistletoe with all of you.

Friends of McDougal said...

You suck.

The credits were as long as the "Holiday Special."

jiggs said...

I will be answering these comments since Tasty is out of town.

jamwall: Christmas tragedy is like a hot cup of cocoa... in my pants!

uebermilf: I have noticed that you have problems with you attention span when you don't eat enough cupcakes.

slappy: we would be publishing them, but we ran out of index cards.

miss kendra: yay! few people know to keep their eyes peeled for a geyserhole.

lee ann: I hope you liked it!

brookie: if our films were already loaded with sexual tension between tasty and I, we'd consider a porno version. also, rawr.

spinner: we should totally have a claymation club. that would make me feel special... in my geyserhole.

tits: You're right. "Winter Wonderland" should definitely become a holiday classic. And I have a feeling that a lot of crazy things would happen if everyone was together and there was a lot of mistletoe.

friends of mcdougal: in your face!

Anonymous said...

I Like!

Great blog !

Happy Holidays

Anonymous said...

I love you guys

jiggs said...


kat: glad ya liked it, kat! Did it make you purr?

spinner: also, yes, there is a funny lump/split in my crotch region. but why were you so intently looking there?

Monkey said...

This warmed the cockles of my heart. And your skills are prodigious!