Monday, December 18, 2006

Jiggsblog Travelogue: Newport

Went to Newport, Rhode Island this weekend. It's just outside of Providence, inasmuch as everything in the state is just outside Providence. Newport is where rich people summer - it's right on the coast. How rich? There are almost no sidewalks, because only poor people walk.

Newport is also known for the old estates built in the Gilded Age. My girlfriend and I took some tours of these enormous summer homes, and if I had spent any longer I would have started a socialist revolution. Tens of millions of dollars (in today’s dollars that would be almost a billion) went into “cottages” they spent 8 weeks in out of the year. The best way to describe it is these houses have two-story pantries.

The best part is the tour of Marble House – if you go to Newport you must do the audio tour. It starts like all the other tours, “blah blah millions of dollars blah blah no income tax blah blah 40 servants” but this tour has some actors reading journals and letters of the actual inhabitants. Apparently the daughter hated everything about the house, she thought it was dark and unfriendly, the furnishings her mom picked out were terrible, and she didn’t like the husband her parents had selected for her. So at least that’s confirmation that even semi-infinite money won’t make adolescence suck any less.


Ɯbermilf said...

I have little marshmallows to put in my hot chocolate.

That's all I need.

miss kendra said...

newport is pretty, but makes me feel small and inadequate and like i need boat shoes.