Friday, December 01, 2006

A Call to Awesome

Well, Jiggs is moving to part-time over the holidays, so it's up to the rest of us to pick up the slack. Miss Kendra said so. Booty, you cover Christmas and I'll get Hannukah for you.

I think I just screwed myself with that deal.

I promise we will not abandon the jiggscast, rather we will reinvent the jiggscast by splicing together segments recorded by the various members of the jiggsblog. I'm recording some stuff now, and hopefully Booty will determine a way to film himself without revealing his secret identity*. One idea I had needs help from you, our loyal readers.

Jiggsblog Mailsack

I'm considering a new segment for the jiggscast called Jiggsblog Mailsack, where we answer your questions. I'm not sure what questions you need answered, but roughly speaking I think at least one of us can handle most issues in sports, science, current events, world history, music, and cartoons. For example, "Is cold fusion viable?" or "Did the Go-Bots really suck that bad?" are right up our metaphorical alley. The answers would be no and yes, respectively.

So drop me a line at and we'll film some answers. Or if no one emails, I'll make up some questions and attribute them to Miss Kendra. Either way, really.

* Booty is actually Keanu Reeves in disguise.


Booty J Patrol said...

I'm not sure how this got posted in the future, but regardless, thanks a lot for revealing my secret identity.

Oh, and a couple of other notes -- I can still blag during Chanukah, because unlike the Christians, the Jews are still capable of functioning during the holidays.

Also, I can't cover Christmas for you, because I will be away from the internet from Dec. 17th through Jan. 1.

miss kendra said...

so essentially, booty will be missing for many of the eight days of chaka-kahn-ukah as well.

keanu has a busy schedule.

i will think up questions as best i can.

slappy said...

Every now and then I like to post from the future.

I hope Tasty is around in late December, or else I shall be a lonely blogger.

Monkey said...

Oh my. I have so many questions. After lying in bed for 4 days staring at the ceiling, I have many questions. Now if I can only remember them.

Kat said...

yeah Mailsack!
But you have to come up with some catchy mailsack tnro music.

Kat said...


slappy said...

Monkey: I look forward to answering your fever dream questions.

Kat: Good idea... theme music. It may have to wait until Jiggs has time to record something - I am musically inept.

Tumbleweed said...

What's in fashion this season in the way of panties?
Do I wear the green eye shadow with the brown sweater or the blue?

I know those are right up your get to answering....I can't stand around naked all day.

amera hearts said...

I demand you go to my blog and send me b-day wishes!....please!

TastyMcJ said...

Slappy, I can probably make the effort and phone it in over the holidays....


My parents are still on dial-up.

amera hearts said...

tasty - that sucks. dial up? they still have that?!?!?!

slappy and tasty. thanks for the comments. you rock.

i'm also glad you'll keep up the blog since jiggs says he'll be too busy. you can never be too busy for the fans.

slappy said...

Weed: If my answering your questions would lead to an end to nudity, where is the incentive?

Tasty: Thank you for your sacrifice.

Amera: Oh, the things we do for Jiggs, like testify before grand juries.

Tumbleweed said...

Shit....good answer Slappy....thanks!

Ɯbermilf said...

I have a question. Why are dogs so upset with poo?

They roll in it, eat it, revel in it-- what's the deal? Other animals don't act like that! I never see a racoon or a squirrel in my yard pick up a piece of poo and eat it.