Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Skanks for the Mammaries

With the holidays coming up, I have decided that I should whore myself out a bit and promote the t-shirt shop that I have on cafepress. I just added two new designs:

Anyway, go to my t-shirt shop to buy my crap.


miss kendra said...

we just celebrated skanksgiving.

amera hearts said...

i love the dry humping one!

also, why are you a skank?i thought you hasn't gotten any since prom?

crabcake said...

Jiggs, I went over there and these are cool as hell. I'm ording one.


jiggs said...

miss kendra: maybe you celebrated it. I'm not allowed to celebrate it in my family.

amera: I'm a total skank!

crabcake: thx! happy tweeners week to you too!

Anonymous said...

Clearly, I must have one.

jiggs said...

tits: most excellent

Brookelina said...

Yay for skanks!

Spell check wanted me to change "skanks" into either "spanks" or "stanks." I can't decide which I like better.