Saturday, November 04, 2006

New Hampshire Wins!

They rank #1 in my new list: "State Mottos That Can Be Appended With 'Motherfuckers'"

Live free or die. That's their motto. Hardcore. It very easily can become "Live free or die, motherfuckers! Woo!" The woo is optional. The rest of the list goes as follows:

#2: Hawaii Ua Mau ke Ea o ka Aina i ka Pono (Hawaiian, "The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness")
#3: Virginia Sic semper tyrannis (Latin, "Thus always to tyrants")
#4: Arkansas Regnat populus (Latin, "The people rule")
#5: Mississippi Virtute et armis (Latin, "By valor and arms")

And coming in last is Maryland with

Fatti maschi, parole femmine (Italian, "Manly deeds, womanly words")


Nick said...

I thought Hawaii would definiely be #1. Theirs is just powerful, like if you mess with Hawaii they will fucking kill you.

The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness, motherfucker!

slappy said...

The voting was very close, but in the end too many judges thought that the Hawaiian language reminded them of mellow island rhythms.

Tits McGee said...

Fuck you, Hawaii!

Live free or die, motherfuckers!!!

Nick said...

New Hampshire sucks chodes.