Monday, November 20, 2006

The mullet wasn't cut...

i didn't have the heart to do it. Poor little mullet never hurt anybody. Also, the mullet might be useful because on Tuesday I might have to go in for jury duty. If the mullet scares them, they won't select me! The mullet cutting will happen soon, though. Don't worry.

We were checking out the reviews of a mexican place on yelp when the following introduction to a review caught out eye:
Allow me to copy what I wrote on the Figure Skating Universe message board about Dona Tomas in response to a thread about Sasha Cohen and Tara Lipinski being reported as lousy tippers:
I think I'm going to start everything I write with that little intro.

I was researching disgusting sexual acts on the wikipedia and at the top of the article on oral-anal contact, there is this hilarious message:
It has been suggested that Ass to mouth be merged into this article or section. (Discuss)
Additionally, the whole discussion section on anal-oral contact is generally amusing, especially the section: "Follow up on Hot Carl"

There should be a new episode of jiggsbusters out tomorrow.


Spinning Girl said...

just don't grow mutton-chops.

you know why.

Nick said...

It is suggested that ass to mouth be merged with this blog.

Lee Ann said...

I agree with SG!

slappy said...

Nick, I think it would be the other way around.

The Husband said...

"Follow up to hot carl" thats funny!

Tits McGee said...

If the mullet doesn't get you out of jury duty, perhaps this blog post will.


Ɯbermilf said...

This post offends my delicate sensibilities.

Brookelina said...

I think we need start a save the mullet campaign.

Or maybe a kill the mullet campaign. I'll let your readers decide.

miss kendra said...

atm is disgusting. i don't care what anyone else thinks. it's just wrong.

and i understand your hesitation... i still can't lose the nipple rings, though they torture me so.

scumbag said...

hows about a "kill jiggs" campaign?

Kat said...

Yay! Mullet stays...and I didn't even have to beg ;o)

amera hearts said...

why the heck were you looking that up?

jiggs said...

spinner: while it would be funny, I wouldn't put you through that.

nick: I wish!

lee ann: I didn't realize that SG wasn't the only one...

slappy: good point

carl: the wikipedia is always a good laugh

tits: it's true. i am a pervert. cheers.

uebermilf: you don't like mexican food? are you racist?

brookelina: I would be touched if a campaign formed either way.

kendra: my mullet is quite similar to your nipple rings

scumbag: oh scumbag, you lovable scamp, you.

kat: take pleasure while you can. It won't be around for much longer.

amera: We were looking up reviews because we wanted to go get mexican food for dinner.

amera hearts said...

oh i must have read wrong. i thought you were looking up porn.

jamwall said...

Another way to protect against any health risks is by placing a sheet of plastic wrap (or a dental dam) over the anus.

oh sure! you can't convince me that this ass-to-mouth advice wasn't cooked up by the american plastic wrap council!