Monday, November 06, 2006

jiggscast - episode 2 (for reals)

I cut out some hilarious content to make sure that the jiggscast fits within the 10 minute max time limit. Anyway, here it is:


Booty J Patrol said...

The person who told you that you can post porn on Google Video was me.

And once again, a great "kast" of rambling brevity.

Booty J Patrol said...

Oh yeah, I have all of last week's Daily Show/Colbert on my computer.

slappy said...

1. That was deuce-tastic.
2. Drawn Together is terrible.
3. Will anyone besides Comcast be screwed?
4. Tasty's uncomfortable pauses following Jiggs's outbursts please me greatly.
5. I have come to the conclusion that you two have been sitting in that corner of the apartment drinking beer since the last jiggscast.

Tits McGee said...

I'm depressed. That cheered me up.

rethwyll said...

How could you guys miss a golden opportunity to name this episode "Jiggscast 2: Electric Boogaloo!"? You're slipping, Jiggsblog.

I look forward to your next episode of brevitying. Perhaps you can elaborate on just how far below the trilobytes Comcast actually is...

LEE ANN said...

Oh, what more can I ask for .... two cool guys AND science!
Great!!! :)

Nick said...

QuickTime please.

miss kendra said...

i think you need a house band.

also, a woman in a sparklie dress and feathered hairpiece.

Nick said...


Spinning Girl said...

I'm going to take 3 Ritalin and try watching that again.

The last 12 seconds MAKE THE SHOW.

jiggs said...

booty: is "kast" what the cool kids are calling podcasts? and also, it's true. you did tell me about google video. cheers.

slappy: 1. thx 2. yes 3. maybe 4. me too 5. it's true. we have. cheers.

tits: good. I'm happy it made you happy.

rethwyll: it's true. we are slipping. cheers.

lee ann: you're giving us too much credit by calling us cool :)

nick: your face is quicktime

miss kendra: a house band would be so awesome and we definitely need gals in sparkly dresses.

nick: geyserhole!

spinner: it's true. they do. cheers.

jamwall said...

i'm gonna vote this morning. i think i will scream "GEYSERHOLE" while waiting in line for no reason.

TastyMcJ said...

I just voted.

The old lady handing out ballots handed me an already filled out ballot

and then when i finished my real ballot, she tried to steal my ballot-receipt-stub thing.

she was old.

I felt kinda bad yelling GEYSERHOLE right in her face.

Booty J Patrol said...

I yelled GEYSERHOLE as I was filling out my ballot. Sadly, I vote absentee, so I was home alone when I did it.

amera hearts said...

i'll watch this when i get home tonight.

gggrrr....please stop the idiots on the road. oh and why is it that as soon as it starts raining my half hour commute home turns into anhour and 15 minutes. this is insane and makes me want to smash into other cars to get them out of my way.

amera hearts said...

this was a good one.

jiggs said...

jamwall: I only have one goal in life and that is to frighten people with my geyserhole.

tasty: she deserved a geyserhole to the face

booty: sometimes it's just good to geyserhole by yourself.

amera: driving in the rain makes me want to punch someone in the geyserhole.

Lilly said...


-- that was SO hilarious :-D
Made my day yet again -- how do you guys do it?

A-hole! Thank you for that one; I'll be sure to [ab]use it as of now!

jiggs said...

lilly: when you abuse the word a-hole, I'll be known as the a-hole that taught it to you :)

Lilly said...

LOL @ Jiggs :-D
Aye, that you will!