Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jiggsbusters - Episode 2 - Mentos, Diet Tonic Water and a Blacklight

Watch me get covered in the sweet quinine infused juice that is tonic water.

Let the hilarity ensue!

Now with more effective titles and scene transitions!

And uebermilf: There is a shot where the camera pans to my crotch and later I ask if my crotch looks funny and pat my junk, but apart from those two things it might be viewable around children.


Nick said...

We did this with Diet Coke at my job, and we used like 8 mentos. It was fucking hilarious.

This was also funny.

Kudos to jiggs for braving injury in the name of science, however I'm curious to know that if your face broke out in hives, how did your penis fare?

slappy said...

Your crotch looks funny, but not haha funny.

Spinning Girl said...

The two of you have such stage presence. You should really think about quitting your jobs and doing this full-time.

What were those strange white flecks the UV light picked up on your shower floor when you first turned on the blacklight? Yeah, I saw that special on "Nightline". With the blacklight and the hotel sheets. I'm on to you.

Love tonic water. And you should, too. With that dousing you are now protected from malaria for ... oh ... 25 years.

Booty J Patrol said...

That shower used to be a lot cleaner when I showered in it every day -- Tasty, have you been forgetting to bathe?

miss kendra said...

i did this with dietcoke in my friend's driveway at like 6am. the neighbors did not find my shreiks of delight as fun as i did.

also, why did no one put mentos in beer? it might not do anything, but still. the principle.

Tits McGee said...

That was spectacular.

Übermilf said...

You should've put some cleanser in there to help with housework.

The Husband said...

you guys make science fun.

jiggs said...

nick: thankfully I had my penis hermetically sealed, and so I minimized the damage.

slappy: true.

spinner: lucky for us, we don't have jobs to quit. With respect to the shower, those flecks are, uh, icing.... we eat cake all the time in the shower.

booty: I think the issue might be that tasty bathes too much.

kendra: we did actually put mentos in the beer, but it took a long time to foam and really didn't do anything so it wasn't interesting enough to put into the movie.

tits: thx! if they make you sub in on a science class, I suggest you make jiggsbusters required viewing.

uebermilf: that would have been a good idea if I wanted to burn off my skin.

carl: thx. you make gay sex fun.

Kat said...

You shoulda worn a black shirt...just sayin'.
And for sure tasty is related to Kevin Smith....or...he IS Kevin Smith! Oh my.

Lee Ann said...

Too awesome for words....You guys are just nutty fun!

jamwall said...

that's amazing! no wonder why i glow after drinking tonic water!

...or that might be all the jizz...i'm not really sure...

jamwall said...

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet quinine!


good tonic never tastes so good....

jiggs said...

kat: I like the white shirt because I show up on camera. and tasty hears that kevin smith thing all the time.

lee ann: thx!

jamwall: glowing because of jizz actually seems worse. also, neil diamond was an alcoholic.

Tumbleweed said...

That was genious...totally! I laughed until my side hurt....and not in that "these guys are idiots" kind of laugh either. Now I heart you even more you sexy bitches!!

I want more!!!

Can you do a mad scientist edition with beakers and test tubes and some grade school shit like vinegar and limestone or hydrocloric acid.....fun fun!

Tumbleweed said...

Shit..now I am totally going home and forcing my 7 year old to hold a bottle of tonic water while my 12 year old drops in the mentos....I will be filming....at a distance of course.

sorry about the hives thing dude. I'm willing to kiss it and make it all better.

Monkey said...

Due to the handy warning for Übermilf, I found myself waiting impatiently for the crotch patting sequence. It was quite distracting.

Other than that... two opposable thumbs up! Another fabulous episode. Sorry to hear about the hives. The woman is allergic to dark rum. It's not pretty.

slappy said...

Monkey: Allergic as in hives, or "allergic" as in endign up dancing naked on top of a bus?

Lilly said...


...hey, I am sitting here after a shite day in the call centre [the new slave job I've somehow managed to land myself], working from home in the evening [translation] and I just needed a break and a laugh! You guys, over there across the pond, simply gave me that -- THANK YOU!

If you guys do follow Spinning Girl's advice and start doing this full-time, be sure to stop by in Vikingland. I will have my home-made banners ready! Yay!


Lilly said...


Monkey said...

Slappy: Good point.

Allergic as in ordering a Long Island Ice Tea on a first date, wondering why said date was looking at her oddly, going into bathroom and seeing visage quite mottled and disfigured.

Making hasty exit through bathroom window.

Or at least... this is what she told me.

Kat said...

...but black shows more jizz...er, um...fizz.

amera hearts said...

okay i know this is going to sound dumb, but i finally figured out who everyone was. i know you gave me the picture, but i still was confused. now i'm not.

i have never heard of this theory. it was fun to watch. i look forward to more jiggsbusters.

TastyMcJ said...

thanks, lily

Lilly said...

Can we maybe also get a 'Beard Watch'? So that we can follow the lives of your beard and Jiggs' super-cool mullet?

rethwyll said...

I cannot contain my excitement at THE EXPLOSION OF FUN! I was hoping, however, that I'd never hear the phrase "rimmed out the hole a little more" in a jiggscast. Sadly, that dream was not to be.

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