Friday, November 17, 2006

I'm a little nervous to see the mullet go...

But I have been distracting myself with episodes of Pale Force and this weird script that turns your name into a naughty definition that lee ann found. My definition:

jiggs casey --

Like in nature to a human dildo

I'm not sure how a human dildo is different from a nonhuman dildo, but there must be a subtle distinction that I'm missing.

Also, Monkey has a new look for his blog and of course Kendra and Tits also recently renovated. Perhaps jiggsblog needs a make-over too.


slappy said...

Perhaps they mean a human-sized dildo. A dildo that's about 5'8" tall. If so, I can see it.

The Husband said...

i agree...its time you renovate this piece of shit.

The Husband said...

thoughts on the big game this weekend? (hopefully you know which one i'm referring to)

slappy said...

I'm nervous, and not just about your new naked picture, Carl. The problem is you have two good teams with young QBs. Either Cal or USC could throw 4 TDs or 3 INTs. Or both. Cal is a 6pt dog, and I think 4pts would be about right. But blind, stinking optimism says Cal 35-28.

Oh, and Ohio State by 3 at home. 17-14. Oh wait, it's the Big Ten. 3-0.

Booty J Patrol said...

There is only one game I care about this weekend, and that is the one that is going to put the California Golden Bears into the Rose Bowl! I really think they have a chance. After last week's loss, they have a chip on their shoulder, and they need to prove to everyone that it was a fluke. Also, they want it more. They know that some of their older fans would like to see a Rose Bowl bid before they die.

amera hearts said...

amera musial --

Tasting like strawberries

amera --

Fetish oriented <--this reminded me of miss k for some reason......

have a good weekend. i started work at 7 am and i'm leaving at 10 for some pre wedding fun!

slappy said...

Booty: Word.

Amera: Who's getting married?

miss kendra said...

my name means "insatiable to the point of crazy."


and yes, amera. i can understand that.

The Husband said...

booty did you got to CAL also?

i think this will be a pretty high scoring game as well. i like your 35-28 prediction. how come nobody in the pac 10 knows how to play defense?

The Husband said...

i've always thought it would be funny to go to a game with a sign that reads:
"I'm Pac'ing 10"

slappy said...

Kendra: Woo.

Carl: The jiggsblog bleeds blue and gold.

We know how to play defense in the Pac 10, we just choose not to. Chicks dig touchdowns.

I can't believe in four years I never saw that sign. Genius level.

Monkey said...

Carl's American Psycho photo frightens me also.

My name means "smelling like unscented lube all the time". I could have lived without knowing that.

My human's name is more fun: "A reverse strip tease". Damn her.

Lee Ann said...

you little dildo you!!!

scumbag said...

jiggsblog needs less jiggs.

Tits McGee said...

I am a skimpy piece of lingere. Like you didn't already know that.

I totally vote makeover.

Lee Ann said...

Sent you a video...sorry about the quality. It was a webcam.
Have a good night!

jiggs said...

slappy: perhaps they mean a half-man, half-dildo or what some call a maldo.

carl: it's true. she's a piece of shit, but we love her. and I'm so stressed out about the game.

amera: you should totally make a shirt that says, "I taste like strawberries"

miss kendra: what a silly definition.

monkey: I think we're all envious of your human and not just because of where she puts her hand.

lee ann: if I had a dime for every time I heard that!

scumbag: you lovable scamp!

tits: I didn't know you were lingerie. Where can you be purchased?

lee ann: awesome! I'll check it out tomorrow!

Brookelina said...

My name means - A master of sexual gratification.

I'm pleased with that.