Thursday, November 16, 2006

I have achieved my mullet goals

And I feel like I can now cut it off.

However, we intend to make a jiggscast episode about the cutting of the mullet and we are looking for testimonials to add to it.

Those of you that have something to say about the mullet, either positive or negative, can get into the mullet jiggscast if you send us a video testimonial. If you hate it, you can make it really clear about how much you hate it and it will make it into the cast.

Also, we'll also probably take audio too, but video would be preferred.

Questions? Ask away.


Monkey said...

Oooh! I will get to work on this right away. How exciting. The mullet era comes to an end.

Moment of respectful silence.

Übermilf said...

If you were to wear women's underwear, which sort of women's underwear would you wear?

The Husband said...

why are you cutting it off?

slappy said...

Must be for a chick.

Kat said...

What? You can't cut it off. I refuse to watch.

slappy- or to impress spackler...

spackler- that's some sexy new photo you got.

amera hearts said...

it's sad that the mullets going, but i'm glad because mullets make spiders crawl up my spine.

miss kendra said...

it's the end of an era.

a very shaggy and trashtastic era.

(i mean that in the nicest possible way.)

(the mullet never offended me as much as i thought it would.)

Tits McGee said...

Take it off. Take it all off.

As for your question, Übie, I believe you can find the answer here.

Monkey said...

Jiggs has some sexy gams!

Is it hot in here?

Spinning Girl said...

can I talk about how I grew my thatch to match your mullet?

It was the thatch match.

I can't believe you're taking it away from me.

We can keep playing if you go "skin" or "Brazilian".

"Fidel castro" though? --- not so much.

Lee Ann said...

I am going to try it...I will let you know!

jiggs said...

monkey: a moment of silence indeed. and I'd be grateful if you made a short monkey movie about my mullet. so many m's!

uebermilf: I would probably go with the granny panties.

carl: It's just time for it to happen.

slappy: never. priests are not allowed to be with the ladies.

kat: You should send me an impassioned plea to keep it.

amera: that's exactly what you ought to say in your short video.

kendra: definitely it is an end of an era. definitely you should record yourself saying that.

tits: that picture just won't go away.

monkey: my gams are rather nice. cheers.

spinner: the idea that your pubes matched my hair is genius level!

lee ann: awesome!


Tits McGee said...


jiggs said...

tits: i must have forgotten what I wanted to say.

jamwall said...

this is the same storyline as my favorite story as a child: "The mulleteen rabit"

someday we'll see your mullet prancing happily in a field with the other mullets..