Saturday, November 11, 2006

A guide to the jiggsblog

Amera has reminded us of a very real problem that we jiggsblog writers face: people don't realize we are different people. Jiggs seems like the kind of guy who would create four different personas to post from. After all, he has a separate login for his junk.

It's easy to confuse us; after all, Jiggs, Booty, Tasty, and I are all geeks in our late 20s with Berkeley ties. Booty and Jiggs are computer geeks and Tasty and I are chemical superfreaks. But we are in fact real people, as Miss Kendra can attest. I'm relying on her duty as Deputy Confirmer, since she was with us in Vegas.

As you can see, that's Jiggs in front and in the back row from left to right me, Booty, Kendra, and Tasty. For security purposes Booty always has his face replaced with a singer of comparable sexiness. So here's a short guide for telling us apart:

Insufferably pedantic: Slappy
Charmingly dadaistic: Jiggs
Perpetually drunk: Tasty
Uninhibited bon-vivant, even when he should be inhibited: Booty
World-famous abdominal muscles: Jiggs
Andy Richter school of maximum hahas with minimum words: Tasty
Deadly karate master: Booty
Swarthy Filipino charm: Slappy

I hope that helps.


jiggs said...

Good descriptions!

I was at this party last night and I as is my character, I whipped out my abdominal muscles for a quick laugh.

Also, some say dadaistic, some say creepy.

Nick said...

It's too bad no one else has a fucking sweet beard like Tasty.

TastyMcJ said...

yes, that is too bad.

For them.....


slappy said...

Jiggs: All those years training with the ab master in Tibet paid off.

Tasty, don't lord your facial hair over us! Have some sympathy for people like me, who can grow only enough to look like an idiot.

Spinning Girl said...

I feel so much better now.

Hey, I'm a chemical freak, too!

slappy said...

Much love to the chemical freaks of the world.

amera hearts said...

this makes it all clear now.....

i am a bio geek. i love cell structure!

ps. i just watched 2 hours of laguna beach.

Lee Ann said...

You are all charming!
Hope you are having a good weekend!

Tits McGee said...

All I know is that I totally want to make out with all of you.

Booty J Patrol said...

Actually, Nick, I too have a beard, but admittedly it is not as fucking sweet as Tasty's. I can't get mine to be as luxuriously thick.

Monkey said...

This was a most helpful guide to the phenomenon known as Jiggs Blog. This also reminds me of the time people thought that Calzone and I were the same person. How disturbing!!

slappy said...

Monkey: I totally agree. I mean, most of the time there are no real pictures of the jiggsblog writers, so the confusion is obvious. But there are pictures of you and Calzone. How can you get confused there? It's not like you'd put on a giant dragon outfit. Unless you're into that. I don't judge.

miss kendra said...

this is all true, but my favorite part is for sure: Swarthy Filipino charm: Slappy.

also, i require a summative statement of this nature.

thank you.

slappy said...

Thanks for confirming it, Kendra. Here's the best I've got for a summation:

Someone once said of us: We're smart, we're funny, we're not... ugly men.

Tumbleweed said...

Your the hottest group of geeks I've ever seen.....and normally I don't associate with your kind.
HEY, have you seen the redneck geeks in my parts? not cute...not cute!!

Lilly said...

Are you guys all singles?
You should start a dating agency. You guys would get lucky every night like!