Saturday, November 18, 2006

Cal - USC

Cal 9, USC 6 at the half. USC 23, Cal 9 at the final. Young quarterbacks on the road, huh?

Cal football is the worst woman you'll ever meet. Every week you think, hey, maybe she'll be different. Maybe she'll treat me right this time around. Then she kicks your teeth in again.

We're probably Holiday Bowl bound. What matters is that we beat Stanfurd on December 2nd and keep the Axe.

But hey, there's always next year.


sombrero11 said...

How 'bout them Buckeyes, huh?

slappy said...

They looked very good. At least I won't have to hear about all the defense they play in the Big Ten.

Booty J Patrol said...


We still have a chance -- if SC beats ND and UCLA by large margins, they MIGHT displace Michigan from the #2 spot, sending us to the Rose Bowl!!

Sadly, this means that I have to now route for USC. Damnit!

slappy said...

Sorry Booty. For Cal to take an at-large bid in the BCS, we need to be top-12. I figure we'll be ranked in the 20s somewhere.

miss kendra said...

cal football is a woman who done you wrong.

slappy said...

She done me wrong.

Or as Marion Berry said, the bitch set me up.

jiggs said...


slappy said...

Okay Booty, I have your scenario. USC wins out and the voters decide that the rematch is problematic, so they make the title game. Cal, at #19, moves up when all 7 of the following teams lose:

Virginia Tech
Boise State

So yeah, there's always next year.

Go Bears, beat Stanfurd.