Monday, October 02, 2006

Skittle results

Using the scientific method invented by the AP college football rankings, I have determined that Red is the superior flavor.

Red - 53 pts
Orange - 51
Green - 49
Yellow - 39
Purple - 33

Actually, more people liked Orange as #1, but everyone tended to have Red around #2, and no one hates Red. Purple apparently tastes like ass to the Jiggsblog readership. Ironically, we all love Purple the Monkey.


Kat said...

mmmmmmmm skittles.
But aren't the purple ones laced?

Purple said...

I'm so relieved that even though my representative color tastes like ass, I am loved.

I love you too.

Tits McGee said...

Well, I guess I like the taste of ass, then.

That actually explains a lot.

miss kendra said...

it's nice to no longer be in the minority.

jiggsblog is my people!

slappy said...

Kat: Laced with what? Awesomeness?

Purple: Think of it as an evolutionary advantage - no one will try to eat your head if they mistake it for a skittle.

Tits: I had Purple #2 on my list, so I hear you. We should throw a wine and ass tasting party.

Kendra: We are your family. Be embraced by the Cult of Jiggs.

Spinning Girl said...

I'm a little upset that you did not include the M&Ms in your findings.

slappy said...

I didn't want to confuse the results for Skittles. I think M&Ms are good issue for a panel debate - the new colors and such.

Lee Ann said...

the purple skittles....yuck!
Purple monkey....good!