Monday, October 16, 2006

she's more than just cupcakes.

Uebermilf wrote me an awesome poem over the weekend: I liked it so much, I decided to post it to make sure that everyone could see it:

Jiggs is sweet, Jiggs is cute
He looks good in his birthday suit
He has a mullet, and myths he busts
If I need cheer, in him I trusts
Oh, Jiggsy, you're the perfect man
I wish I could buy you in a can!

And while I'm a little worried about the part where she claims to have seen me naked, I think this poem might be the best poem ever written (about me).

And to say thanks, I drew a picture for Uebermilf:


Tits McGee said...


This should totally be Übie's new avatar pic.

Also, if you were available in a can, I would have a pantry stocked with you.

Übermilf said...



That's Mr. McDougal, to you, punk said...

I guess I'd nail you in the can.

The Husband said...

that was beautiful.

there is alot of love in this blogosphere.

Lee Ann said...


Monkey said...

I have tears in my eyes. Jiggs in a can. Haven't we all wished for such a thing?

Lovely rendering of Her Milfesty too.

scumbag said...

nobody ever writes poems for me. all i get is hate mail, death threats, and paternity test notices.

slappy said...

Death threats for scumbag are from gooks.

No, seriously, we have a lot of Korean readers on this blog and they hate them some scumbag.

That's Mr. McDougal, to you, punk said...

Scumbag - Here's one for you:

Jiggs in the can.
Jiggs in the can.
Let's rape Jiggs in the shower, OK?

scumbag said...

that was very disturbing mr. mcdougal.

Tumbleweed said...

Will you have to have a can opener? That's the one thing I always forget when I go camping. A pop top is in order. Will you be available soon at Cafe? I want to put in my order now so I don't get any outdated shit.....or sloppy thirds.

I have the urge to write a poem about you know.

Tumbleweed said...


miss kendra said...

my apron making skillz have been immortalized.

miss kendra said...

also, the poem is rad.

i would probably buy a can of jiggs. you know, in case of emergency.

amera hearts said...

uber does write good poems!

i don't wish for you in a can hought, i would like a pouch better. easier to store! i have way too many cans in food storage as it is!

Brookelina said...


Spinning Girl said...

Wow! Wowie! Hot stuff.

Nick said...

Jiggs, if you weren't my mortal enemy then I would agree with Ubie. But since you are, I hope you get an ear infection.

amera hearts said...

Slappy - i read the article you wrote on the other jiggs site.

i fel for you. my friend is complaining about the same thing.

my comments: i like to go paintballing, but i don't think it warrents being on tv. how boring would that be?

and sumo wrestling. this is funny, but should stick to the asian channels.

i should be going to a hockey game in canada in march with said friend and her hubby.

jiggs said...

tits: hmm. how can I can myself?

uebermilf: don't mention it.

mr. mcd: do you mean can as in "butt" or can as in "prison"... or both?

carl: one love

lee ann: Her poem is rad, isn't it?

monkey: it seems like there is demand for me in a can. I wish i could make money off of this idea.

scumbag: have you ever thought about being less of a scumbag?

slappy: yes, to all our korean readers out there, I have a simple message: we heart gooks.

mr mcd: ahh. you meant prison.

scumbag: I concur.

tumbleweed: yes, I will sell a special jiggscasey can opener to go with the me in a can.

miss kendra: every person should have a can of me in case of emergency.... hey, that's almost a rhyme! I should put it into a rap!

amera: I would also sell myself in a pouch like they do chili now.

brooke: i know!

spinner: i know!

nick: that was almost a compliment. awwwww!

slappy said...

Amera: Thanks! Paintball is terrible on TV because you can't see the paintballs, you just see people hiding behind barriers shooting and then one at a time they stand up as they're hit.

There can be good sumo on TV, that's what killed me about the "world sumo challenge." Sumo Digest used to be aired on ESPN which was a pretty good 1 hour show covering a basho (tournament) in Japan. What I really miss is the sumo on local channels in Hawaii.

Rich said...

That's excellent, the cupcakes and the drawing.

jamwall said...

hey there sugartits!

jiggs said...

rich: thx!

jamwall: hi!

Sysm said...

Can I get Jiggs in convenient take-along jerky packs?

jamwall said...


i can't believe it!

you'll do ANYTHING to get elected, won't you?

WON'T YOU?????!!!!!!

i guess i'm not suited for the cutthroat world of politics like you. i mean, COME ON! "citizens for jiggs casey"

who do you think you're fooling.

we'll i'm exposing this ad on my blog. be there!

jamwall said...

another sickening display. monkey snaps back with cold-blooded retribution!