Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mythbusters @ MIT

There have been many posts on Mythbusters here, primarily devoted to the hotness of Kari, who both has an attainable cuteness thing going on and a Gadget from Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers (which my girlfriend explains established the precedent of the hot engineer girl). I want to talk about Mythbusters and engineers because Adam and Jamie are coming to MIT. If they hope to bust the myth that MIT is filled with obsessive geeks, they will be shocked and disappointed.

I’m a chemical engineer by training and disposition (when I write something down it’s likely to be in Excel), so watching Mythbusters is a constant struggle with my own geekdom. Like the Civil War rocket episode - Grant tries to liquefy oxygen by pressurizing it. I catch myself thinking, “but oxygen can’t be liquefied at room temperature” before he reveals the critical point problem. Other friends are worse - they say things like “couldn’t they just do a back of the envelope calculation to prove that it won’t work?” Then I have to remind them that seeing Adam burn off his eyebrows is much better television. But it’s always a constant struggle - I find myself thinking “that experiment doesn’t make any sense” but eventually something blows up and I’m happy again.

So here’s the point. MIT is packed to the gills with young men and women who walk around all day looking at their shoes. People who make me look like a normal human being (which Jiggs and Booty can attest, is hard to do). I fear that Adam and Jamie will be dealing with 3 hours of “Yes, in episode 3.12 you estimated the height of the launch, but by my calculations the standard error was ±20%, so you can't say that you busted the myth within experimental uncertainty” and “Did you adjust for wind shear when you were shooting cannon balls in episode 4.11?”

But maybe Jaime will walk down into the audience and give the poor kid a wedgie. That would be pretty sweet.


FRITZ said...

Good point. It would be sadly witnessed if the mythbusters, themselves, were busted at fake science. But it makes science so much more fun. For those of us right-brainers, we enjoy watching a show about things blowing up in the course of experimentation.

Because it helps wash away those terrible memories of Research Methods. Oh. God.

scumbag said...

i applied for a scholarship at MIT. they sent me money to never contact them again.

Nick said...

I was a janitor at MIT once and a mathematician discovered I had a gift, but it took a hardened boston community college psych professor to get through to me. Also, I fucked Minnie Driver.

slappy said...

Fritz: I'm pleased that Mythbusters have found a niche as Mr. Wizard Blows Shit Up.

Scum: You know why? Gooks.

Nick: Sweet. Did you also get to hug Robin Williams? Incidentally, why is Robin Williams great in every fourth movie, but utter shit in the three in between?

miss kendra said...

i found you relatively normal.

i would love to be there for this "lecture."

Kat said...

An engineer eh? My bro's one of you's too. He started out in mechanical and finished in environmental. I'll have to ask him how he feels about the Mythbusters. I take it that mythbusters to the engineer must be like csi to the forensic scientist as is ER to the emerg doctor.

The Husband said...

i'm horny.

amera hearts said...

i honestly don't know if i've seen more than 10 minutes of mythbusters.


but maybe i'll find out when it's on and watch it just so i know what you're talking about.

about robin williams, i feel bad for that guy. like he doesn SOME great movies, but the rets are pure crap, like his new one the rv. what's up with that?

Booty J Patrol said...

It is difficult for all of us to look normal outside of places like MIT or Berkeley, but its all good.

And I can totally see you sitting there complaining about their experimental methods.

slappy said...

Kendra: Thanks, but there is definitely a geek ceiling in Vegas.

Kat: Yeah, you have to focus more to lose yourself in the awesomeness of the show.

Carl: I'm flattered.

Amera: Yeah, I don't know if he just does everything that gets sent his way, or if good performances are just rare for him. When he's good, though, he's very good.

Booty: Damn straight.

Ɯbermilf said...

You would do well to explain the difference between "Nova" and "Mythbusters" to your friends.

This also reminds me of the time my grandma watched "The Blues Brothers" with me and scoffed, "The tax department is on the second floor."

amera hearts said...


i am bored at work right now.

here's an idea for a post:

have pictures of videos of strange, funny faces or weird noises. then we can all guess the noise!

i'm so bored at work.

jiggs said...

I'll say it before and I'll say it again:
Mythbusters is Jackass for nerds

They laugh exactly like the jackass guys do whenever something stupid/awesome happens.

However, even with this perspective, it's still infuriating when they say "busted!" because really "busted" is "we couldn't build it".

slappy said...

My favorite point in any show comes at the 40 minute mark when they completely bust a myth, stand around for a couple seconds, and then plan how to make a giant explosion that's only vaguely connected to the actual myth.

jamwall said...

slappy, i can't believe you'd associate with someone who'll come up with a cheap shot political ad just to get elected!!!

shame on jiggs casey!

he'll do anything to get elected!!!!

Monkey said...

I'm starting to feel sorry for Scumbag. I need a swift kick in the head.

Maybe I'll hop in the car for the two hour drive south, as this "lecture" may be something I don't want to miss! I would pay good money just for the wedgie alone. I want the wedgie, me. Yes, indeed.

Lilly said...

Jiggs, I'll have to agree with you :-D

Oh, and let me just add: TORY BELLECI IS SO HOT IT HURTS! [felt good to write that; it's been a while....]

Can you please ask Jamie -- when he turns up at MIT -- if he ever uses hair wax on that gorgeous mustache of his? Thanks. I'd really like to know.

Lee Ann said...

I like Mythbusters, you probably know that by now. But the girls, although attractive, make me want to turn it off! It just isn't the same!
And, I always say the same thing that Jiggs said....They don't really ever bust the myth...they go to extreme measures to do so. So it is like cheating.
But it can be entertaining!