Wednesday, October 11, 2006

kim jong illin

I'm in the process of making a new rap about kim jong ill. I would post an audio track of me spitting my new lyrics, but unfortunately, i have a cold and my rappin voice doesn't have its normal "i don't know what". Anyway, here are some of the lyrics I have come up with so far:

i be kim jong illin
got that queesy feelin
i heard he got the bomb
and my diaper was spillin

back in pyong yang
the beers they be chillin
the puppies they be killin
so they can start to grillin

if ya play the lionel ritchie
they be dancin on the ceilin
with the hos they be bumpin
they be snortin penicillin

he party so hard
cuz he's a super villain
don't eat the stinky cabbage
or you'll be kim jong illin


slappy said...

It's already on my Top 5 list of songs about Asian dictators.

Tits McGee said...

But I like kim chee.

Otherwise, I think you're a lyrical genius.

Friends of McDougal said...

Please sing in the style of Mos Def (using that voice he used in 16 Blocks).

And also don't wear a shirt when you're recording.

He'll know if you have a shirt on, so don't even try to front and act like you din't.

Also, save your pee in a gallon jug for one week.

Further instructions pending.

scumbag said...

kim jong il is a gook.

The Husband said...

that song is #1 in my book.

great job jiggs!

Monkey said...

Also, save your pee in a gallon jug for one week.

Why are McDougal's instructions always so cryptic?

You're a genius songwriter Jiggs! Yes indeed. And I know my raps. Yes, I do.

Tumbleweed said...

You're the shiznit, yo!

miss kendra said...

i think it's better than "grillz."

but jay-z is still better, i'm sorry. (he paid me to say that.)

(i wish.)

amera hearts said...


Lee Ann said...

I am sorry you have a cold Jiggsy!
Hope you are feeling better soon.

::brings you hot chicken soup::

Rich said...

I like the implication that the nuclear tests are no more than a simple dog BBQ. Deep Yo!

Bunyan, Paul Bunyan said...

Now that aint bad shit!Now dont chuckle but I have an old clay whiskey jug and I know a few notes, I dont think its ever been done,so if you need help with a back up band I have jug can tune.Yes I know if you fill it with differant levels of body temperture liquids its sound dynamics change, I tailor this to the crowds mood. Good luck even if you dont pick me for your band PB

jiggs said...

slappy: really? thx!

tits: I kind of like kim chee myself actually.

mcd: check.

scumbag: I walked right into that one.

carl: thx homeboy... i mean homo

monkey: you should take up wrapping. you could call your album, "simian4life"

tumbleweed: and you are so urban!

miss kendra: it is acceptable to get paid by jayz to promote him.

amera: thx

rich: well I actually intended the lyric to suggest that they have a bbq after each nuclear test to keep it like a party, but your interpretation does make me sound smart and shit.

paul bunyan: actually, I might be able to sample you playing your jug and put it in the song. that would be rad!

Kat said...

eating cabbage=great revenge!