Thursday, October 26, 2006


So we got most of the podcast edited. I had to split it into two parts to get it onto youtube. The first part I uploaded is the jiggsbusters segment. The rest of the podcast will be posted sometime tomorrow. Anywho, enjoy:


amera hearts said...

I started to watch this, but my boss came in the room. Boo. I'll watch it later tonight.

Oh, to see or not to see:

The Illusionist
The Guardian


wrd veruf: bumds <--which reminded me that my bum hurts :(

Spinning Girl said...

That was fanfuckingTAStic.

Nice apron.

Spinning Girl said...

ps I smell a threesome!

jamwall said...

i would replace the bar of soap with scumbag in the microwave, because that's what you're doing!!!



sure he's a kansas city chiefs fan, but last i heard, this was a land of opportunity for all mental defectives!!!!!

damn you jiggs!



p.s., i'm totally trying out that soap trick!

Booty J Patrol said...

That was pretty good, but it could have been better -- if I had been in it!

Tits McGee said...

That was brilliant.

I just wish you had both been naked underneath your aprons.

miss kendra said...

tasty mcj! woooooooooooo!

there was not nearly enough science in that jiggscast. i require more science to be satiated.

Lilly said...

I am at work -- I have no speakers! This is killing me -- I want to watch and hear you guys! I'll be rushing home from work today for sure. Yeeeiiiiis!

jiggs said...

amera: Tasty liked the illusionist. I don't know anyone that saw the guardian.

spinner: thx spinner! and also, a threesome?

jamwall: I heart forming unholy alliances

booty: I suggested you come up. But did you listen?

tits: thx tits! And we were naked, but it was underneath our clothes.

miss kendra: there will be more science in the future. you will be satiated.

lilly: I hope you like it!

Monkey said...

I watched this last night and laughed until the neighbors called the police. But then blogger wouldn't let me comment! Grrr.

Seriously... I have to say, this is the most erotic film I've ever seen. (I also liked the fire engines in the background... nice foreshadowing.)

Monkey's Human

(The show traumatized Monkey. He's in the bathtub.)

jamwall said...

i tossed a bar of "lifeboy" in the microwave, it came out in the shape of jiggs' head.

josh williams said...

As a man of science I think the water should be replaced with gasoline. Besides that the movie was wonderful, I was reminded of a David Lean epic, you two belong in pictures.

Nick said...

I love science when it's chock full of booze and subtle gay overtones.

That apron is hilarious.

Übermilf said...

I'll do a podcast of me baking cupcakes some day.

Maybe we can start a "watch things expand in the oven/microwave" channel.

scumbag said...

i'll expand on your cupcakes. and by expand i mean ejaculate.

pbc said...

i will stomp jiggs casey's Nigger Lovin face!!!!

Lilly said...

YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE!!! It was awesome acutally 'seeing' you and hearing you speak and stuff [do I sound like I stalker?]. And hey, you guys were so easy to understand too! BONUS POINTS TO THE JIGGSY TEAM! Yay.

I cannae wait for part two...

I'm off to bed -- I'll be dreaming of The Jiggsy Team and microwaves and expanding soap bars. Awesome.

Übermilf said...

See? More proof of Mr. Scumbag's sexual harrassment.

I was so traumatized I could hardly write my book about it. Which will be coming out soon in hardcover.

rethwyll said...

This is officially the greatest use of a microwave oven EVER. Hooray for science!

jamwall said...

jiggs, will you be sworn in by placing your hand upon Übermilf's tawdry expose'?

Rich said...

9 minutes of pure shit! And I mean 'dat is da shit!' kinda shit, not poo or pooh, oh no, dat was da shit!

Nice work boys, always good to give science a mighty and hitherto deserved kick in the crotch.

jiggs said...

monkey's human: poor traumatized monkey! Also, I knew that many of you would find the film to be most erotic. As for the fire engine, i was gonna put a foreshadowing joke, but I forgot to!

jamwall: awesome! I like it when things look like my head

josh williams: yes. gasoline will be the next trial. Other experiment suggestions will also be welcomed.

nick: I think the gay overtones were less than subtle

uebermilf: you should totally do a cupcake cast!

scumbag: nobody wants your special scumbag icing.

pbc: you lovable scamp!

lilly: sweet jiggscast dreams!

uebermilf: I'm pleased that you're releasing the book right before the election. The timing is perfect for my candidacy.

rethwyll: we got other sweet microwave stuff coming up.

jamwall: I don't plan on getting sworn in until I win the election.

rich: our goal was to cause pain to science's crotch and I'm pleased that you think we did it.

Friends of McDougal said...

I keep meaning to watch this, but I'm too high.