Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I have been meaning to say something about this for a while

I do enjoy the state quarters. My favorite is Kansas.

which honors the state mythological beast: a bison that shits sunflowers.


Nick said...


Lee Ann said...

I used to collect them...but someone found them in a little crystal bowl and ended up spending them! :(

jamwall said...

i knew it!!!

jiggs said...

I poop daisies.

Lilly said...

LOL LOL LOL @ Slappy's a bison that shits sunflowers -- I am at work, pissed off and downbeat today -- and I come to this blog and find amusing shit like that. Brilliant!

Thanks, Slappy :-D

Friends of McDougal said...

My buddy McDougal once dated a bison ... well not a bison as much as a large woman with a hairy back and tusks. Do bison have tusks? What about vaginas? Do bisons got pursies?

Anyway, she didn't shit sunflowers.

She shit canteloupe sized tarballs.

That's right. Tarballs.

No, wait.

Tar babies.

She shit canteloupe-sized tar babies.

And crackers.

She shit crackers.

And she blew up McDougal's toilet with a cherry bomb.

It had a built in bidet.

God, I miss that toilet.

Monkey said...

It's sad to lose a toilet you love.

I don't poop sunflowers or daisies, but I do poop everywhere. Oh yes, I do.

Ɯbermilf said...

I would've liked Nick's head on there somewhere.

scumbag said...

that's no myth fuckface, we really got them here.

scumbag said...

jiggs, you and your readers might be interested in this game:


miss kendra said...

that bison stole my shtick!

i poop flowers and bright new stars!

and sunshine!

it says so in my blog.

amera hearts said...

i love this post because it made me laugh!

miss kendra said...

blogs don't lie!

Brookelina said...

I don't shit flowers. I don't shit at all. I'm a lady.

Friends of McDougal said...


You owe my man McDougal $30. let's not make a big issue of this. Just pay him the moneys owed and let's move on.

Jesus Christ, it's only $30.

Please, let's not make this a big deal

Tits McGee said...


jiggs said...

mcdougal (and any friends thereof): you can suck on my chodes. i ain't giving you no 30 fucking dollars. remember that time I did your mom in your cadillac? Ya, well this is like that inasmuch as you don't like this either.

Friends of McDougal said...

Here we fuckin' go.


Goddamn uppity grad students.

How many people have to die now?

jiggs said...

mcd: what the fuck are you talking about? you ever suck cock for crack, you crackwhore?